Ministry Video – Modern/London

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Minimalist contact manipulation – isolations and bodypopping with balls and clubs from Ryan Mellors. This has been sneaked out in some places ( the early reviews @ but today marks our official release.

Video – Moon on Discovery Channel

Moon 7 ball flower vertical LR[1.5.1]
Multi-ball contact and Ball Bouncing
High quality Production by discovery channel
The performer is Moon from the Italian ball contact scene
(Right click here & save as…)
We like Moons work, the guy’s got skill’s.
Big file, short clip, well worth watching.

Parachute Formation Video

Click for Video
A lot of parachutes

wooh oooh ooh its Magic.

81 Parachutist assemble into a great big formation.
It’s not really “manipulation” but it’s skilled people doing something cool, and fun to watch.
File this one under, ” the creativity of mankind never ceases to amaze me.”
Dr Ew

Rock Balancing Video

An oldie, but a goodie:
balancing point

Rock balancing has to go back to the beginning of time, even mother earth likes to play this manipulation game.
But Sensei Studios do it well, and the film it well, and they add an extra twist with reversing the video. So it’s definately worth a look.

It’s from:
Sensei Studios
Who have got a lot of videos and stuff.

Ryans likes Rock balancing, and I like Ryans Rock balancing – You might see a hint of this In the In-Isolation DVD.

Welcome to the Ministry

This Blog is manitained by Ryan and Drew and today is the first day that it’s actually been live and working, mind you, we haven’t actually lauched it yet, and there are no links to it so we don’t expect you to be reading this.

The observent amongst you might notice that there are a lot of posts preceeding this one. Mr Mellors has imported all of his past posts from his old blog on Tribe. But kept all their old dates.
I’m confused,
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