Ministry Workshop @ EJC2006

All the fun of a juggling convention; with an official Ministry workshop or two thrown in and a late-night contact-only cabaret. EJC 2006 was a blast! Enjoy the video!

Spherculism DVD

Spherclism (Poipoipoi Matt) has made a DVD, mostly from the Poi community, with other manipulation too, Diabolo, staff and Multi Ball contact from Drew and raf.
Trailer availiable on google video
Details of the DVD content

Still from the DVD

I’ve only seen the edit of my bit, it was filmed in just 20 minutes at bristol juggling convention. and I love what Matt has done with it, he’s taken my performance, my work and added to it with his editing, and choice of music, so that the final piece of film isn’t what I would have created on my own, it’s better, it’s a combination of both our art.
Looking forward to seeing the final product when it come out…soon.

EJC 2006 – Musicality Workshop

Musicality workshop picture
Musicality workshop picture 2
A few people have e-mailed me to ask what music was played during Drews Musicality Workshop at EJC 2006
Also at Play Festival, and at Ueberpoi 2005 and Nottingham 2005

Here’s the track listing:
Quannum – “I Changed My Mind”
The warm up spin was too this lovely track which Ryan and I used as the soundtrack for the Bodyrolling Montage

The Turtles – Happy Together
For the Beat and bigger changes in the music

Yann Tiersen – Amelie Soundtrack Tracks 2 and 3 A great album for movers manipulatiors and Jugglers.

Zeida – Track 1 French hip hop that I got from the Berlin Circus crowd, I don’t even know if I spell it right or what the album is called!

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
for the wicked Bass line

Serge Gainsbourg – Angoisse
Feeling and mood – Sadness

Shimon and Andy C – Body Rock
Feelig and mood – Bounce bounce

Unknown Artist – Zorba the Greek
A wicked progessive tempo version which starts too slow to do anything useful, and finishes too fast. I didn’t play this at EJC this time but normally do in the workshop.

Paul Mauriat – Etude in the Form of Rythm and Blues and
Walther Murphy – 1/5th of Beathoven – from the Saturday night Fever Soundtrack
Fun stuff at the end – I’ve soo got to make routines to these 2.

A huge thank you to the super dude peg master Burning Dan for once again rescuing me in the Music Department. That’s 3 times now, this is starting to become a habit. Thanks dude.
And big thanks to everyone who came and wiggled and made it soo much fun for me to run. 🙂
Any other questions just post them below in coments

EJC 2006 Pictures

Ryan and Dawn
First batch up on Flickr

Ed and Colin – New releases


Delawarr 2

2 new vids from these two UK contact/bodypoppers that keep hanging around our studio 🙂

EJC “New-Style” Contact Battle – Ryan VS Colin

Ministry members Ryan Mellors & Colin bust out in an impromptu bodyrolling/isolation battle at the European Juggling Convention.

Artistic Bicycle

A beautiful artistic bicycle act from Germany. Filmed in 2001

Music by Vanessa Mae
Performer unknown

Shadow Puppets

Here is a remarkably good (if not too short) video of shadow puppet animals.