Jen Slaw & Tony Duncan Promo Video

For fantastic historical reasons Tony Duncan is a legendary name in the world of ball contact. He has teamed up with Jennifer Slaw to create a slightly ambiguously named performance duo:

Their promo video is here: video html page. It’s quite long, but there are some great moments that make it well worth watching. I found that my browser sits there for ages waiting to download this doing nothing, if you get the same problem, then this direct link to the video will help: Right click and save as:

Jennifer Slaw seems groovy, and her website says that she has degrees in art & engineering…That sounds very familiar.

Tony Duncan:Tony Duncan and friends

Great stuff,


Los Repugneros EJC 2006 Video

There were many highlights of EJC 2006 for me, I will write about those in future posts, this video shows one of the the on-stage highlights:Filmed at EJC 2006 in Ireland, thanks to Bruno* for this video 🙂

Los Repugneros video
A fun, skillful, dancing, juggling and flirting performance with an extra large portion of prince 🙂

I’m missing a couple of names (help anyone?): here are 4 of the 6: Audrey (FR), Matiasse (GR), Morgan (FR), Mintam (FR)

Enjoy, Drew.
(*Bruno was another highlight of EJC both on and off stage, it’s amazing to see how much is technique and his movement style with 1 ball contact has improved over the last 2 years. Inspirational.)

Jive – ‘patchwork’ promo

JiveA student of dance, mime and manipulation at the Lido school in France, Jive is one of the artists featured on the In Isolation DVD. Patchwork is a collection of his material, featuring new manipulation with clubs, a stick, a broom and a book.

View the promo here

From Jive’s notes on juggling, translated by Babelfish:

The singularity of my juggling rests on a whole of components such as traditional juggling, atypical juggling, choreographic work and the work of actor. My research is based on the juggling of yesterday and today. …

The technique developed with these objects rises directly from the techniques of traditional jugglings, but, the singularity of the object itself brings to create new images and propels the juggler in various universes “the skilful diversion of the object to the service of a new poetic language…” …

My report/ratio with juggling is very graphic. The inspiration comes from Michael MOSCHEN, American juggler, who in the Eighties revolutionized juggling by his geometrical work around the fixed point and of the graphic insulation. This work is close to the illusion by some with dimensions. It gives a life specific to the object, personifies it. The whole of these research orientations is related to my own history of juggler and my universe of creator. In this creation, I want to propose a language located between the art of the juggler, the dancer and the MIME.

The Italians

The Italian Manipulators and jugglers have a great online community here:,file-index.htm

With active discussion on all areas of manipulation, swinging, juggling and contact, all in one bullitin board.
With not just one, but FOUR different pages od threads with links to videos, a lot of videos of juggling and manipulation. I found a lot of groovy clips I’d never seen in the “italian style” videos section.

I think you’ll have to register on their forum to get the links to work.

Big hello to our Italian friends.


Nick glow is the site of Nick/Meenik. Who is, in our opinion, one of the best teachers of poi in the world. Years of Tai chi, influence his refined and controlled technique. Which can be seen on numerous videos on his site: “Nickwithfire” (an oldie but still a goodie) and “Dervish yers” to name 2 examples.
While you’re there, whether you’re into poi or not, you’ll love the photography Especially the glow photography.

This year, Playpoi completed their first instructional Poi DVD – “The Scales of Poi”. The Ministry are glad to say they played a small part in this production, with some recommendations made to improve a draft version. If you are at all interesting in poi swinging, at any ability the Playpoi DVD is an essential. While it’s not perfect, it is THE BEST poi teaching aid available today. We recommend antibiotics, it to all poi spinners of all abilities (Beginners my find it a little confusing at times, as it isn’t an elementary level video, but will still gain a great deal from it.)
If you are into any kind of manipulation of juggling, check out this section of the DVD availiable free online. Nick consulted a physio. to get professional advice on: Skill Toys and your Health.

And if you’re into poi, then a a new online tutorial secret of flowers. Posted this week is essential viewing.



Natural Rube-Goldberg creation


Rube Goldberg was a creator of ‘perpetual motion’ machines; collections of objects that create a domino like effect as each action gives the impulse for the next section of the machine.

I stumbled across this video of a lovely one by Jesse Ferguson created from natural objects.

For more machines, see this ,this or this one I made with my friend Mark Weston

Merce Cunningham on dance

merce cunningham
Merce Cunninham on Dancing
You must love the daily work.

Merce Cunningham on Dancing:

You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that fleeting moment when you feel alive. It is not for unsteady souls.

I was looking out the window one morning and there were several children out there. They were skipping and running about playing like, little kids, and I suddenly realised they were dancing, you could call it dancing, and yet it wasn’t dancing; I thought it was marvellous. There was no music.

Joy, love, fear, anger humour, all can be “made clear” by images familiar to our eyes. And all are grand or meagre depending on the eye of the beholder. What to some is splendid entertainment to others is merely tedium and fidgets; what to some seems barren, to others is the very essence of heroic. And the art is not the better of the worse.

Clarity is the lowest form of poetry, and language. Like all else in our lives is always changing. Our emotions are constantly being propelled by some new face in the sky, some new rocket to the moon, some new sound to the ear, but they are the same emotions.