Moon Interview – contact in my hands

A newly discovered video from the awesome Moon!

YouTube :
Moon is an Italian contact juggler and bounce juggler who was featured on our Blog a few months back with a Discovery Channel feature. I managed to have a small chat with him about his work and his ideas regarding contact juggling.



[MINISTRY] : how long have you been contact juggling?

MoOn : I started… 2 years ago

[MINISTRY] : what inspires you?

MoOn : I was inspired by the cjers: Ryan and Jago (note: Ryan and Jago worked together as Full Moon Performers from 2005-2007). And of course..something about me.. I do contact juggling when I need to think about something. everybody I believe, from Michael Moschen.

[MINISTRY] : Where do you want to go with your contact juggling?

MoOn : I’m not a pro, but I don’t know if a day I’ll be. intention is to become a good contact juggler, and try to use all the techniques.
now I’m working on IMPERFECT CIRQUEL project, but in winter I’ll do some new videos..bouncing and cj, I believe

[MINISTRY] : can you tell me how the ”discovery” video happened?

MoOn : Sure. They found me..they’ve seen my videos online

MoOn : and they mailed me by GIOCOLERIA.ORG

MoOn : and so..I went to Milan (I’m from Rome)

[MINISTRY] : How much do you practice?

MoOn : now I play 1/2 hours a day..usually more bouncing than contact..but when I was learning, I’ve done 5-6 hours practice too

[MINISTRY] : what do you think about when you are contact juggling?

MoOn : uhm..usually I think about my problems It helps me to solve them..but sometimes I think about tricks and new ideas..I can say cj is an inspiration and a refuge

[MINISTRY] : ok.. and last question:

[MINISTRY] : what do you think is the future of contact juggling?

MoOn : I don’t know..maybe the future is dance..or manipulating objects in general.. creating illusions with objects in our all daily lives..

MoOn : surely I can say that contact jugglers level will be increased, and some new ideas will come out

[MINISTRY] : thats great, thanks Moon!

MoOn : thank you!


Anna Haraszti – Writings on manipulation

Anna HarasztiThe Ministry’s Anna Haraszti discusses her process for creating her solo from ‘In Isolation.’ Her full essay can be read here:

“Playing is getting lost in a world that has no, or very little connection with everyday reality. Creating a world of its own it allows us to be in the moment and, every now and then, to dissolve or disappear in the process.

In my interpretation, contact juggling happens when the body is in harmony with the ball: when technique is not necessarily what defines the movement, but where the body finds its own ways to relate to the object, alters already acquired technique, or blends in with the smoothness of the ball’s flow in space.

Contact with other contact jugglers has been one of the most inspiring aspects of contact juggling for me over the years. in my experience sharing elements of technique, a range of possible approaches, viewpoints and, most of all playing time, is what can ultimately promote the continuous dynamic development of any art-form; meaning, that perhaps the future of contact juggling depends on the way people inspire, motivate, influence, or even critique one another. True enough, creativity needs to be given sufficient time and space to grow – however, we create our own opportunities, and through them our own realities as well.


The new OCCJD video “The Padded Room;” a 3 minute short which builds on the ”obsessive compulsive contact juggling” theme. Shot in Vancouver, the original story behind the video appeared HERE on the Ministry last March.

occjd“Vancouver police took action to halt the wave of confusion and terror associated with recent outbreak of OCCJD (“Obsessive Compulsive Contact Juggling Disorder”) that has been infecting this city. Several members of the “contact juggling” community, including Ryan (noted global contact juggling ringmaster and FMP affilliate) and Dawn (street-name: Daydream) were apprehended early sunday morning and are currently being held at the Riverview Correctional Facility on the ouskirts of the city.” READ MORE…

The pre-release of the High Quality 720×480 download has exceeded its bandwidth. You can now watch the video on youtube:
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