Bodhisattva with Thousand Hands & Eyes Dance (Thousand Hand Kwan Yin)


I remember Ryan bringing this piece to my attention on a while ago, but unfortunately he could only find half the routine…

I managed to find the full routine on youtube. This piece is performed by The China Disabled People’s Arts Troupe. All the dancers in this routine, as well has having amazing body control, are all Deaf, blind, or handicapped in some way. That means they either can’t hear or see their cues…

This video is truly inspirational, showing some of the really cool effects that can be created by multiple persons… Anyone else see the tuts and waves in there? 😉 not to mention the personal difficulties experienced by the performers.

EDED aka “LTC”

Jochen Schell Manipulation


Ring isolation video Very good technique and presentation, very much inspired by Moschen it seems. And damn it, I want a spinning top on a Samurai Sword (video link) :).

Brilliant skills from this German performer who has been in the business nearly 2 decades. I remember feeling, when watching him on stage at EJC Carvin, that there was something slightly sinister about his stage character, I hope its only the stage makeup! For me, it all added to the performance.
Enjoy, Drew.

Masaki Hirano

A 2nd promotion video by Masaki Hirano (produced by Juggler Senjyu)

I remember a drunken pub conversation with London’s Matt Brown which went like this:

Ryan: “Is juggling cool?”

Matt: “No. Magic is cool. Breakdancing is cool. Juggling though… at least to the rest of the world, isn’t cool. Its geeky”

Ryan: “But what about Matt Hennem? He’s cool”

Matt: “Thats because Matt Hennem is disguising his juggling as breakdancing”

YouTube link

Masaki Hirano is cool. With his blend of 3 ball juggling and tutting, he makes us forget that we are watching something innately geeky. I mean, just look at those shades, baggy jeans and that ‘I’m bored” expression. Awsome.

RyanBlog Ryan [Ministry]

Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen

Stretching the definition of ”object manipulation”, here is a skateboarding vid that even you jugglers gotta respect. Rodney Mullen has been doing it with style and innovation for decades… If I were a skateboarder, he’d be my hero.


A skateboarding video in a circus blog… what’s next, eh?

Much Credit to 411 Video Mag for producing the clip.
Credits are important… we are only helping to bring you guys some of the best new circus content on the net. To get these clips from a real life event to the internet, we rely on good production companies out there like 411

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MoM loves the French

The French Manipulators and jugglers have a great online community at With discussion on all areas of manipulation, swinging, juggling and contact, all in one bullitin board.

There’s A whole area of videos and check the rest of the forum, as it seems that videos often crop up in other places. eg If you are into ball contact, this is a great archive of Balle Contact Videos

If you don’t read French, theres an excellent Firefox extension called Foxlingo which will translate the site in browser and keep the page layout, the translations are sometimes a bit funny, but they’re enough to let you work it out. To get you started “massues”=clubs.
Big hello to all our French friends.