Dice Stacking

You probably only need to watch one dice stacking movie in your life, this one is good:

YouTube – DICE stacking MOVES vol.2
Theres many more over on Yout, it’s pretty much more of the same as far as I could see. Theres only so much you can do with 1 trick!

EJC DVD Review

ejcover.jpgShort Review: Buy it.

Longer Review:
Buy it, it’s brilliant.
Lots of atmosphere, lots of high skills in both juggling and manipulation, lots of fun, lots of shows, lots of ideas, high quality filming, great editing and 4 hours long (2 disks). Totally raised our expectations of how good an event DVD can be, best EJC video ever. If you are into Juggling or Manipulation I recommend this for your Christmas wish list.
Computer game style review: 97.2%
Enjoy watching these 2 online 2 sample clips.
You can buy it online at juggling.tv for £16 + p+p.
Howie and Jen made it Howie Bailey – video PRODUCTION.

Phew, got through the whole post without mentioning PEGS!

Training of Young Chinese Acrobat Photos -Michael Wolf

Stumbled Upon incredible photos by Michael Wolf of the Training of Young Chinese Acrobats … Made me think. And also these photos of more Abuse Children training for the Olympics.

China Acrobatic Troupe Video

China National Acrobatic Troupe on youtube

Wow, very High Skill Manipulation.Vase manipulation a little staff/trident from traditional Chinese troupe. Thanks to Meghan for the video link.


rollerman Rollerman is a superhero for the 21st century. Armed with his special rollerskate suit, he will first conquer Paris and then THE WORLD!

Seriously, though… I like the video, but I kinda wish he had played some old school hip-hop and done the robot… but maybe thats just me.
This blog has gotten wierd, eh?

Strong Machine 1 & 2

If David Elsewhere and Mr Steen and Josephine were THE SAME little 11 year old Japanese School Girl… Youtube video


The same girl featured in a video posted earlier on in this blog by Drew. This time she’s left the Teddy Bear behind and brought her Daddy along instead.

EDED aka “LTC”

Travis Pastrana Moto X Games

Youtube link

Dude + Motorbike + acrobatics. Incredible skill, I think this is totally impossible!

Popping in Bollywood

Drew, I see your Japanese Schoolgirl, and raise you a little Indian.

Youtube link
You’ll enjoy it, I promise.

EDED aka “LTC”