Popping in Public



This has got to be the coolest popping video i have ever seen.

Nam Hyun Joon, popping in random places about town, and looking like he’s having a damn good time.

I really like the ‘play anywhere, who cares who’s looking’ feel to this video. Reminds me a lot of myself…

Olympic Champions RG Ball

Alina Kabaeva Ball Athens 2004

Yulia Barsukova Ball Sydney 2000

Komei Aoki in Thai

4 ball chestroll?
Technical toss and contact juggling skills combines with serious funk style from Komei Aoki. The boy busts out strobed 3-ball tuts and a 4 ball chestroll; I’m well impressed.

Ken Nishimura from rec.juggling drops us a few more links to variations and concepts from this 3 ball style.
Video 1
Video 2

More Japanese Popping/Contact

Man… if i was Japanese i’d totally be this dude.
ryan See?

Can anyone translate that last interview for us? Its really interesting to see all this stuff coming out of Japan; i think they are on the same kick as some of us; mixing popping/tutting/liquid/waving techniques with circus. There’s more to come on the blog; i’ve built a good collection of links now.

Michael Moschen on L.A. Law!!!

Friday Fun once again.. this is a ridiculous find.

Moschen That’s right. The father of modern manipulation has had a few gigs as a TV actor. He appeared on one episode of L.A. Law (US Crime/Drama)

I dug up a description of the 1994 episode on TVGuide.com

Episode Detail: McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum and Bailey – L.A. Law
A ballerina (Gelsey Kirkland) sues a dance company for breach of contract; an aging juggler accuses his protégé (Michael Moschen) of stealing his act; and Benny dances around a commitment to Rosalie (Kathleen Wilhoite). Alex: Roy Dotrice. Uhler: Carl Carlsson.

Is there anyone “1337” enough to be able to dig up this episode? Surely you uber torrent seekers will be able to dig it up, no?

Penn and Teller – Sleight of Hand

Penn and Teller Explain Sleight of Hand

Magic/manipulation explained as a sweet performance with a cigarette.

Jon Solberg Collection

This was posted over on Jugglingdb and i think it deserves a bit more publicity.
Jon Solberg has created 2 DVD’s of vintage juggling and manipulation available free to download as torrents.
pirate bay link for torrent 10gb! a Goldmine.
If you need software to get torrents, try: utorrent
Thanks to Jon Solberg for encoding making and sharing his collection. 🙂
More review, when I’ve seen it… 11% and counting.

Cardini Billiard Ball Manipulation

Cardini on Youtube
The famous billiard ball manipulation routine from the magician Cardini in the mid-20th Century. It’s a lovely routine with Cards and cigarettes, but the real important bit is from 5:00 to 5:55min for billiard ball manipulation, including a cradle.

Sorry about the quality of the clip, I hope the quality of the character/performance makes up for it.
The clip has been floating around for a long while, I recently dug it up again as part of a “history of Ball Contact & Manipulation” article I’ve been writing…Coming soon.