Dzi3lak Reviews Multiball Contact

dzi3lak Kamil Dzilinski from Poland, who has featured in some of the best contact web videos in the last few years (see skills here) has reviewed Multiball Contact. Original Review:

“First thing – very good job I think this publication is something, that our community has waited for very looong time. The book is writed in considered way, touches an area of CJ that i’s not good known to everyone and because that, it is very inspiring^^

The Lessons section has good composition and organisation, it welcomes you to the world of Multiball Contact (that I really love ). The lessons and hints about every figure are very useful in progressing our skills. For me the lessons were very clearly explained, but I have been knowing most of the figures and transfers, so I know what’s happening with the balls, how the hand’s are rotating and so on. I’m wondering how it is for person that never held a balls in his hand’s, i think some moves ( like “roll down on page 39) may been difficult to understand from photos, but it’s my feeling, i think the best option is show some no-CJ’er this book, and see what his thinking about it 🙂

The Inspiration Section – yes yes yes ^^ the masterwork with so many figures and ideas. Great job. The morphing notations was like opening a big door for me … The double scoop is wonder for me…. you don’t want to know how i was picking 10 or 11 ball 🙂 the small balls section was very mind refreshing, but I don’t think I’ll be doing anything with it 🙂

“The appendices are very useful, especially the 4 image quality diagram and morphing notations….”
Minor edits made to the spelling and grammar and for brevity. Hey Thanks dzi3lak (How do you pronounce that name?? Dizzy-three-lack???)

Michael Moschen – Light


YouTube – Michael Moschen – ‘Light’

For those that haven’t yet seen it; Michael Moschen’s routine ‘Light’. One of the many amazing conceptual routines created by Moschen. This routine was created in 1985, and this video is from the PBS Special, ‘In Motion with Michael Moschen’

More Information on Moschen can be found at Michael Moschen’s Webpage and also in the articles section os the Ministry, found HERE

I must say, Video comes with a Leather Thong Warning of 10, but damn… Still a timeless routine. Thank you, Mr. Moschen.

A must-watch for anyone who plays with balls.

Ministry Workshop – Vienna 2007

Ryan Mellors

Ryan Mellors lead an official Contact Juggling and Manipulation workshop in Vienna on May 16th, 2007.

Workshop Description:

What is manipulation? How can we tell if an object is isolated, and how do we correct our technique? How can we build more complicated illusions? And how can we use these techniques in our performances?

workshopThis one day intensive workshop is aimed at all levels of jugglers/circus performers interested in developing new material with a single prop. Through group work and individual skill-builing, Ryan Mellors (Canada / England) will lead exercises in movement and manipulation, assisting the students in developing new material and giving them a basic foundation in movement techniques such as mime, bodypopping, liquid and other illusional movement styles.

Contact Juggling techniques will be taught with 1 ball and this will serve as the basis for a lot of the exercises, but students will be encouraged to move beyond the ball and integrate their own props into much of the workshop. Jugglers of all skill levels and dancers are invited to attend, and they are encouraged to bring whatever props they wish to develop material with.

UPDATE: Video is done!
Check THIS PAGE for an article detailing the workshop experience.
For more Info: contact David

Ryan@PNWJF – Beatbox Renegade

I know, I know.. I’m a juggler and not a beatboxer. But this turned out kinda nice…

Ok… 2 things I (Ryan Mellors) need to say about this late night renegade show [Google Video Link] that Aaron Gregg and I hosted:

(1) This clip was taken from a 2 hour improvised show I hosted with Aaron Gregg. It was approaching midnight, and an audience member dared me to beatbox. I had been practicing Kenny Muhammad’s Drum n’ Bass track for a couple weeks and thought ‘why not?…’

(2) I think its a shame that the whole act isn’t online, because at the end Aaron Gregg and Matt Hall battled it out and it was actually pretty wicked.