Emilie Simon – Flowers

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No manipulation here. Just an animation of a favourite song in Ministry HQ. as used in Nico’s Flowers video.

Emilie Simon – Flowers
I want to buy you flowers
it’s such a shame you’re a boy
but when you are not a girl
nobody buys you flowers

I want to buy you flowers
and now I’m standing in the shop
I must confess I wonder
if you will like my flowers

You are so sweet and I’m so alone
oh darling please
tell me you’re the one
I’ll buy you flowers
I’ll buy you flowers
like no other girl did before

You were so sweet and I was in love
oh darling don’t tell me
you found another girl
forget the flowers
because the flowers
never last for ever
never last for ever
never last for ever
my love.

Mot – Time Displacement Contact Juggling


In the spirit of the recent ‘Time Displacement’ video that was featured here, Contactjuggling.org / Inertialforce.com admin Mot applies the effect to a contact juggling video for some seriously wierd wiggles.

An archive of MoT’s past videos can be found here.

Pilobolus – Dance Theater


Pilobolus Dance Theater in a commercial for the Hyundai “Santa Fe.”
Thanks to Graham Croft from The University of Victoria Juggling club for the link.

Rodney Mullen – The Bones Brigade


Skateboarder Rodney Mullen performing on the streets as a youngster.

Lawrens Godon – 1 Ball


YouTube Link

Lawrens’ one ball video. Has a very ‘magician’ style, but there are some really nice moments.

Lawrens also released a four ball video.

Furet videos – classics and rare stuff

src=”http://www.ministryofmanipulation.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/furetrulez.jpg” alt=”greatest of the hoop isolationists” title=”furetrulez” width=”337″ height=”547″ class=”size-full wp-image-2301″ />
a few clips of furet’s older stuff:

Ed – Robot In Disguise

Geeky ‘fan’ video of Ed, made by Ryan, on the topical theme of ”Transformers”.

Part of the Ed (without Colin) releases that are collected in the video section.