Winnydows – GlassBalance

Winnydows – GlassBalance
He might be called Andre Ceruf (sp?) and he might be a computer programmer, but not sure.

Anthony Gatto – Full Routine

YouTube – Anthony Gatto – Full Act

11 minutes of Anthony Gatto performing on 20/4/2004 in Frankfurt Germany, including 9 rings and 7 clubs. It’s clear that he doesn’t even begin to think about dropping. He’s performing in Cirque du Soliel’s Kooza now.
I prefer my juggling mixed with some dance and movement skills, but it’s worth seeing this clip for a display of pure technical juggling!

Bounce-Air Juggling

A beautiful series of bounce patterns by Emmanuel Perez.

You can see more of Emmanuel in this EJC 2005 video

Thanks to Adam Rowney on rec.juggling for the links.

Wes Peden – The Power is On


The shining star of rec.juggling, Wes Peden proves once again that he exists in a world where the laws of gravity are under his control.

More Wes vids HERE

Dance – Animation and Strobing


Great illusion techniques in this animation duet.

Related: Steen and Josephine

Emiliano Alessi


YouTube – Emiliano juggling dance

I saw this piece at Boudu la Jongle in Toulouse earlier this year, and it was awesome.

Emiliano mixes Contemporary Dance techniques with juggling/manipulation. Here’s a video containing snippets of his stage show from EJC in Athens. Lets you in on what to expect, without giving away the whole piece. If you get the chance to, see his whole act.

MoM Layout Updates

0028.jpgHi, have been messing with the Layout of MoM. What you have at the time of posting is not the new look, just an intermediate that I’ve been using to develop the new code. It should work, but colours fonts and layout need work.
Put it live to test a few details, if its broken for you, wait 30 seconds, refresh (I’m changing lots), and if its still broken please e-mail me.

New thing: Social Bookmarking stuff: see “share this” below.

Other news is down again. Boo hoo. Got withdrawal symptoms?
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