Funky club links

clubsAfter hooking my friend Jake West up with a new set of PX3 clubs through the store I run with the circus school, he asked me if I could make him a list of cool club videos “with all that f#@$ed up stuff the Europeans are doing now…”

So.. since Jake (or many of our readers) aren’t lucky enough to be going to a french juggling convention anytime soon; here is the next best thing, a few of the best club manipulation videos available on the internet:

Sander (video, video, video) Funky legos and wrist traps
Emiliano Alessi (video) Clubs and dance
Luke Wilson (video)
Elias Hedlund (video, video ) Nordic sequencing (large downloads)
K8 Malabares (video) superfunky club juggling
Addicted DVD (video) Full-length (60min) free juggling video full of club manipulation goodness, including tonnes of Sander.
Malte Steinmetz (video) – technical 3 club mixed with contact club sequences.

There you go.. enough stuff to keep you busy for the next couple years 😉

Addicted DVD – Free Download

The Addicted DVD (previously blogged here, with video clip) is now available online as a free download

New Mirror: Get it here!

Dan Yperman of rec.juggling writes:
Addicted is a Belgian/French juggling project by the people of Shake That, Pol & Freddy, Los Gandanos, Morgan Cosquer and many others.It contains clubs, balls, rings, coin manipulation, shaking and a bunch of silly stuff!

Well worth the download (385mb)

Nathalie Enterline – Hat & Cane

Don’t watch:

Do watch:
jtv – From the Old School Jugglers DVD. Recorded from German TV(?) in 1985
How have we managed not to post the incredible Nathalie Enterline on MoM before.
Previously mentioned here.
Above are 2 very similar routines to the same music, the JTV clip is better to watch but we can’t embed JTV clips.

Marcel Marceau (1923-2007)

MarceauFamous mime Marcel Marceau died yesterday at age 84. 🙁

From CNN:

Marceau died Saturday in Paris, French media reported.

Wearing white face paint, soft shoes and a battered hat topped with a red flower, Marceau, notably through his famed personnage Bip, played the entire range of human emotions onstage for more than 50 years, never uttering a word. Offstage, however, he was famously chatty. “Never get a mime talking. He won’t stop,” he once said.

A French Jew, Marceau survived the Holocaust — and also worked with the French Resistance to protect Jewish children.

His biggest inspiration was Charlie Chaplin. Marceau, in turn, inspired countless young performers — Michael Jackson borrowed his famous “moonwalk” from a Marceau sketch, “Walking Against the Wind.”

LINK to Google Video: Marceau being celebrated by his fans in 1961