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Black Fire Percussion

Friday, November 30th, 2007
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Mmmm… some funky drumming, some stick manipulation, and perfect timing.

You might see a bit of dancing too…

Thanks to Uber Rob for the link. :)

Worlds fastest clapper

Thursday, November 29th, 2007
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Ken French (aka Toast) is the worlds fastest clapper.

New MoM contributor: Moon

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007


The Ministry is pleased to announce a new member to our crew. Moon will be writing for us this!

Mr Om – Nirvadhi

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
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Our good friend Mr. Om does some unspeakably beautiful contact juggling.

DJ Kentaro – Loop Daigakuin

Monday, November 26th, 2007

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Turntablism session by DJ Kentaro, 2002 World DMC Champ.
Musically, I find it a bit too hecktik, but technically I really admire it.
Are those 3 silver contact balls above his mixer?

Friday Fun:The Balloonatic – ‘This is Art’

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

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Steve Cousins sent us his latest masterpiece. First Neanderthals learn to use sticks, then Mankind lands on the moon and now Man climbs out of a big green balloon – that’s progress.
I think this might be off topic…But it is Friday.

Rubber Legs Al Norman

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

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The first half of this clip is Rubber legs Al Norman dancing to Paul Whiteman’s band. The clip is from The King of Jazz.
I think the Detours video project would have filed that one under “manifesting sh1t at a different time.

Jingluo – Chinese Baoding Balls

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

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Jingluo user on youtube
Jingluo plays multiball in a style very differently to The CJ crowd, definately more on the meditation side of manipulation, than stage performance. His site Educated hands used to have the Chinese therapy ball theatre, I can’t tell if it’s live at the moment – its passworded.
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Chinese Panda Bear Baoding Balls PT. 3– Palmspinning the formation [6.2]in one hand that’s 8 balls in 1 hand.
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80 ball Palmspinning – Liu Zhi

Interview and Video: Héctor Jiménez – “hipnopia”

Monday, November 19th, 2007
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With English translation by Ed

No estoy en ninguna comunidad, de echo he aprendido casi siempre solo , nunca etsuve en ninguna escuela ni en ningun circo , la escuela ha sido el viaje y la calle.

I am not part of a community, I have always practised alone, never in a school or circus, the only school I have attended is that of travel, and the street.

Para mi el contac es una expresion del movimiento interno, mucha gente ahora practica contac pero pocos veo que no copien o imiten a alguien que han visto, siento este malabar perfecto para desarrollar muy personalmente el movimiento de tu cuerpo

For me, Contact is an expression that comes from inside. Many people nowadays practice contact, but I have seen few that do not copy or imitate somebody they have seen, I feel that this perfect form of juggling should develop from one’s own body’s movements, from within.

La mejor pieza que he visto probablemente sea la de un aleman que me encontre en la convencion europea en Carvin pero lo siento no recuerdo su nombre ni su contacto, me impresiono su forma marcial de practicarlo y tenia trabajados equilibrios multiples de hasta 9 bolas …. un monstruo.

the Best that I have ever seen is probably a German that I met at EJC in Carvin, but I’m sorry I can’t remember his name or contact details. He impressed me with his martial form of practice and he had worked balancing up to nine balls… A monster! [Ed: We think Kelvin {edit}]

El futuro del contac es el cambio ,creo que hay que mutar , transformarlo y retorcerlo hasta que sea tan personal ,que sea otra disciplina diferente.

The future of Contact is in The Change. I believe it is to mutate, transform and twist it until it is very personal, almost a completely different discipline.

En los videos que se ven en You Tube , poniendo Hipnopia , estoy representando el papel de un viejoto indio que cuando termina su funcion en la vida , abandona todo lo material y se marcha caminando a encontrar la muerte , asi que cuando lo relizo me vienen imagenes , olores y recuerdos de personas de ese magico lugar…..

In the videos on youtube, I am representing the role of an old Indian Man, that when he has reached the end of his function in this life, abandons all things material and begins upon a journey to find Death. In this way, when I perform this act, it conjures up images, scents, and memories of people of this magical place…

Gracias de nuevo por darme animos , al apreciar mi trabajo , a seguir tranbajando, da gusto saber que la gente disfruta de lo que a uno le cuesta tanto esfuerzo, respeto al trabajo que hacemos porque creo es un arma poderosa para abrir los corazones del mundo.

Thanks again [to the Ministry] for giving me the encouragement, by appreciating my work, to continue working. It pleases me to know that people enjoy that which one has given a lot of energy, and respect for the work that we do because I believe that it is a powerful weapon to open the hearts of the world.

Hula Hoops – Irina

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

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Promo for Hula Hoop Act by Irina Roubleva, Pro circus performer from Moscow.
Great skills, I like the handstand with hoop spinning on feet.
Thanks to Angiefor the link.

80 ball Palmspinning – Liu Zhi

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

80 balls can be done!

Liu Zhi From China is trying to get into the Guinness record book.

Auto translated Article from Mop news.

4 balls on each layer with, a specially made plate between each layer which holds the balls together, a total of 20 layers makes a stack over 1 metre tall.

“80 ball has not reached the limit….” says Lui Zhi.


New Staff [Manipulation] DVD trailer

Friday, November 16th, 2007

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Ooh, a new Staff [Manipulation] the DVD film, produced by Meghan MCP Pike and Steve NX Wilson – who edited the MoM video Foundation 720.

They tell us:

… featuring tonnes of instruction, in which Meg teaches staff in the correct manner as well as an inspiration section with some of the hottest names in European spinning talent.

It’ll come with some desperately hip, self-referential blurb on the back of the DVD, much better than this. But any blurb wouldn’t be complete without some unwarranted hype, so we’ll just say that this DVD is going to more awesome, more action packed, and more informative than everything in life, ever. Meg says: “I’d buy it, if I weren’t making it.”

More info e-mail to: at
Or see mcp – firestaff tutorials