Black Fire Percussion

Mmmm… some funky drumming, some stick manipulation, and perfect timing.

You might see a bit of dancing too…

Thanks to Uber Rob for the link. 🙂

Worlds fastest clapper

Ken French (aka Toast) is the worlds fastest clapper.

New MoM contributor: Moon


The Ministry is pleased to announce a new member to our crew. Moon will be writing for us this!

Mr Om – Nirvadhi

Our good friend Mr. Om does some unspeakably beautiful contact juggling.

DJ Kentaro – Loop Daigakuin

Turntablism session by DJ Kentaro, 2002 World DMC Champ.
Musically, I find it a bit too hecktik, but technically I really admire it.
Are those 3 silver contact balls above his mixer?

Friday Fun:The Balloonatic – ‘This is Art’

Steve Cousins sent us his latest masterpiece. First Neanderthals learn to use sticks, then Mankind lands on the moon and now Man climbs out of a big green balloon – that’s progress.
I think this might be off topic…But it is Friday.

Rubber Legs Al Norman
The first half of this clip is Rubber legs Al Norman dancing to Paul Whiteman’s band. The clip is from The King of Jazz.
I think the Detours video project would have filed that one under “manifesting sh1t at a different time.

Jingluo – Chinese Baoding Balls

Jingluo user on youtube
Jingluo plays multiball in a style very differently to The CJ crowd, definately more on the meditation side of manipulation, than stage performance. His site Educated hands used to have the Chinese therapy ball theatre, I can’t tell if it’s live at the moment – its passworded.
Chinese Panda Bear Baoding Balls PT. 3– Palmspinning the formation [6.2]in one hand that’s 8 balls in 1 hand.
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