Ministry Workshop – Berlin 2008 Update

Ministry Berlin

Ok, people, it’s that time you’ve all been waiting for. 😀 The following information is getting me all excited, and I’m gonna be teaching some of the workshops. As many of you are aware, Drew and Ryan are unable to make it to Berlin. But all is not lost. far from it….

I’d like to welcome Kelvin Kalvus, and Emanuele ‘Moon’ Marchione to our line up of expert teachers.

Moon will be conducting larger numbers multiball lessons, in Drew’s place. Moon comes very highly recommended from Drew, and I for one am really looking forward to working with him. Smaller numbers (3/4/5 ball) will be conducted by me (Ed). Between us, we will be sending away students at the end of the workshop with enough knowledge and inspiration to keep any multiball manipulator busy for years.

Kelvin will be teaching two ball bodyrolling, along with many other techniques that make Kelvin the Contact Juggling Legend that he is today. Really, honestly, “The Kelvin-ator” – I don’t need to say more.

As well as these two new teachers, we have the bodyrolling expertise of Jeanine Ebnother, who will show you that your only limit is your imagination, and get you rolling balls in places and ways that you never dreamed you’d actually be doing..

The 3rd area of the workshop, I intend to blow your minds with illusion goodness, based on extensive research into ball and body isolations assisted by special guest and good friend of the Ministry; Colin Daniel.

So, who’s excited now? I know I am.

“Sylvia” – Anne Weshinskey

A short film entitled “Sylvia” starring Antipodist Anne Weshinskey.

Film by Stasha Tomic. This film is rather nicely made 🙂

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3D graffiti – virtual tagging.
Digital manipulation.
Who wants this on their props?

Seven Fingers – Acrobalance

Jake West writes:


Man, the seven fingers are doing amazing stuff.

Dude, check this out

Dolphin bubble rings

Its been a slow week here at the Ministry; everyone here is very busy and we havent had time to post much.
Enjoy this video of dolphins blowing bubble rings.

Normal circus video content will resume shortly.

Bubble Rings

Bodyrolling workshop at BoB UK this Saturday

Sat 19th Jan it’s Bristols Other Bristol Juggling convention.
I’m planning to drag myself away from my desk for long enough to teach a 1 ball contact/bodyrolling for beginners workshop in the afternoon.
Convention is cheap entry and workshops are free.
Wanna come?

Work it out


A new music video by Ghost Robot featuring Bill “Crutch” Shannon
Those glides are amazing; i love this clip.
Thanks to Daydream for the link.

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Bishop Street Style

Youtube Link

Dancer Bishop shows us some of his ‘windstyle’ of waving on the streets.

Some really interesting waves, and a great use of illusion.

ED (Bringing you your morning OMG!!!) 😉