Ministry Berlin… The Evidence!


JTV link

Here it is, Folks!! The video we’ve all been waiting for! Proof that it happened!

MEGA thanks to Moon for putting this together, and MEGA thanks to all who star innit… πŸ˜‰ Moon says, sorry about the wait, hope you like it!! I’d say definitely worth the relatively short wait. I can’t imagine it was easy to decide what footage to cut and what to keep…

As for the content… Do I really need to go into details? πŸ˜‰

Deaf dancers find fame in China

So how many people remember this?

In this Reuters documentary, we see the techniques used by this dance group in order to keep their *perfect* synchronicity.

The Deaf China Special Arts Troupe are hoping to perform at the ParaOlympics later on this year. I say let them do it, no, insist that they do.

Thanks to Mags for the video. πŸ™‚

Romaro – Poi

Youtube Link

I have three main influences in my poi spinning/manipulation. They are; Boogaloo Dance, Rob Thorburn, and Ronan McLoughlin.

Here we get to see two of them in one video! and as an added bonus, the gorgeous Maelle from France joins Rob and Ronan in Cork after the circus festival Ireland for some spinning fun. Clean and beautiful patterns from Maelle, the mind Boggling trickery we’ve come to expect from Rob, and, well… Ronan.

And yes, Ronan is really doing that with the poi. You should have seen his show in Berlin…

???????? – くねくねぐるぐる

What is going on??? I love Japan. We’re watching a youtube video, of a TV program, of a youtube video….Someone should use their webcam to make a film about this!
Techno Robot Juggler
Japanese popping/contact
Tune in next week when the Ministry shows how you too, can have your own gaggle of over-excited cute-eared wee-lasses to appreciate your contact juggling….

Victoria Juggling Festival: March 14-16 Canada

Higher Resolution version
The 2008 Victoria Juggling Festival is fast approaching: March 14-16.
Here’s a taste of the upcoming awesomeness edited by the wonderful Dawn (and Ryan). Enjoy!

OCCJD Contact Juggler, Daydream Dawn is one of the organisers, she writes:

Ryans MC’ing the public show, all the wicked Canadian contact jugglers will gather – we are also trying to find all the fire community and spinners, to get the jugglers, manipulators, spinners and acrobats together in one convention.

Sounds like a recipe for a great event.

Shika Shi Shi 4 ball Contact Juggling
Smooth multiball contact… to one of my favorite tunes, with a surprise at the end.
Mesmerizing, spellbinding, hypnotic, trippy… to help you get over the contact withdrawal symptoms.
Via: Briney’s youtube favorites.

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