The Juggling Crib – Elias Hedlund

Elias Hedlund has announced a new comic strip – THE JUGGLING CRIB, a juggling related comic strip featuring some of his local jugglers in Stockholm, Sweden. The main cast includes jugglers like Elias Hedlund, Wes Peden, Peter Ã…berg and Jay Gilligan and others.

Pilot episode already posted
Next (first) episode is due next Monday.
We’re watching…

A president, a gymnast and marriage rumours

From the Independent – last friday

A Russian tabloid has set the country abuzz with a report that Vladimir Putin is secretly preparing to marry a leggy 24-year-old gymnast, voted the most beautiful woman in Russia.

The little known paper Moskovsky Korrespondent reported a week ago that a reliable source had revealed that plans were underway for a wedding between Mr Putin and Alina Kabayeva, an Olympic gold medallist, which would take place on 15 June, a month after Mr Putin hands the Presidency to his successor, Dmitry Medvedev…

Ms Kabayeva, who was recently voted the most beautiful woman in the country by the readers of a Russian magazine, became a parliamentary deputy late last year after the pro-Putin United Russia party moved to include more young, attractive women in the Duma.

He might have a attitude to foreign policy more questionable even than that of Mr Bush, but we have to admire his taste in skilled ball manipulators. Alina Kabayeva previously on MoM

Em in Iglesias – Multiball Contact Juggling

So many good things…..
11 years ago in London, 3 Contact Jugglers inspired me to start Multiball Contact Juggling: Em, Dimitri and Doug.
Here are 2 new videos from Em… after watching this clip, I think you can understand why.

Em will be running a workshop at the Sardinia Juggling Convention Moon will also be there, it looks like an amazing event – the rest of MoM are sad to miss it.
One more video after the fold.
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Wes Peden: What the Duck?

Wes Peden, previously blogged here, asks the question ‘why is there not more innovation in the juggling scene?’

His … eloquent/arrogant… speech has generated huge response on youtube and rec.juggling

Highlights include:


I’m not quite sure who he is talking to, but i agree with his sentiment. Lets see more awesome creative juggling!