1 day to EJC2008

We’re packing our bags, making our last preparations for the European Juggling Convention 2008.

The prediction is 4000-5000 Jugglers and manipulators – potentially the biggest EJC ever, and it’s organised by Germans, who thankfully have the national stereotype for being excellent at organising things.

Drew, Jeanine, Moon, Colin and everyone* on the planet will be there. Except Ryan and Dawn – who are still moving with the Cross Canada Contact Juggling Project and poor Ed who will be manning Ministry HQ, ready to leap into action and save the world if anyone anywhere has an isolation emergency.

In the meantime, enjoy the ongoing guest blogging by MCP to keep you entertained. (She will be at EJC too, but will post by the marvel of the “scheduled post function” of wordpress).

There are rumors that teh Internetz will be present at EJC, so will try to get you some news updates next week and big photo albums online soon after.

*Everyone who juggles, manipulates, contact juggles or wiggles.

Diavolo Dance Theatre

Diavolo: A Californian dance troupe in the style of Momix, but with bigger and to me – better props and a better sensibility. They use huge objects like ramps, bowls and huge circus style constructions to aid their dance. I want to see this so badly, but I missed them in LA. So I just have to make do with amazing youtube clips.

A further video from 2007, longer and featuring different props. It’s documentary style, the good stuff starts at about 3 minutes in.

New MoM Contributor: MCP (Meghan)

MCP > You guys suck. There’s loads of great videos you haven’t posted.
MoM > Think you can do better?
MCP > Yeah!
MoM > Yeah?
MCP > Yeah!!
MoM > Ok then…But no rude words.

Introducing, MoM’s first guest blogger, someone who spends even more of their life than us – on teh internetz watchin’ teh videos of teh manipulationz!!1! MCP, I wonder how many days before she finds a way to plug her new staff DVD?
Over to Meg for the next week.**

disclaimer: There may be fireworks, in the case of MCP insulting any or everyone, the Ministry denies all responsibility.