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Demetri Martin – Friday Fun

Friday, August 29th, 2008
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If I part 1 of 6, parts 2,3,4,5 & 6 are also on on youtube.

Comedy genius of Demetri Martin, one of our favorite comedians. 6 parts, this is nearly an hour long.

I score 8 out of 9 of his “Useless talents” (in part 2) missing only the rubik’s cube, and can proudly (!?!) claim many others. I’m guessing there are MoM readers with more!

Enjoy, Drew

Kasau Taishou – String movies

Thursday, August 28th, 2008
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String manipulation from Kasau Taishou, winner of ‘best technique’ from last season.
More Kasau Taishou on

Youtube User ChappieTV has archived all the award winners from the past few seasons. (25 videos)

Uneven Bars – Perfect 10

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

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Nadia Comaneci scores a perfect 10 on the uneven bars at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Happy Oree Friends : Cave Case

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
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New video from Ori’s “Happy Oree Friends” saga. Nice vid, dude! :)

Stuff That Moves Blog

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Stuff that moves is an excellent blog of videos of doing things with stuff – Skills, Dance, martial arts, strength, sports and random goodies. Much like the Ministry – If you replaced the Contact Juggling with Wrestling.

Enjoy the entertaining banter of a man who might be called Matt, and might live in Philly.

The current headline story is above, and points out that the good stuff happens at 1:45 – I didn’t think that was possible without a trip to casualty.

Juggling Blog : The Karasel

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Continuing the theme of Juggling Blogs, this week we bring you The Karasel by innovative juggler Michael Karas.

The blog Includes great DVD and prop reviews, and is loaded with intelligent written content rather than just *cough cough* video reposts. I’m hoping he blogs plenty of new-school juggling goodness when he tours with Jay Gilligan at next summers ‘Shoebox Tour.’

Posts I enjoyed:
Me at 400 – Michael talks about youtube and the importance of keeping good ideas offline.

Skateboarding and Juggling

Elias Hedlund – The Juggling Crib

Monday, August 18th, 2008

The Juggling Crib – Cartoon Blog.

Each week, Elias takes another opportunity, to mortally offend another member of the online juggling community. Depending on your viewpoint, you will find the crib cartoons either; Funny, Rude, Childish, ironic or all of the above.

THE JUGGLING CRIB is a juggling related comic strip featuring some local jugglers here in Stockholm, Sweden. In the main cast you can watch bad imitations of jugglers like Elias Hedlund, Wes Peden, Peter Åberg and Jay Gilligan amongst others.

Mostly SFW – Contains strong language and sexual reference. Enjoy.

Blog: I Can’t Stop Juggling

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Ed ProvencherI Can’t Stop Juggling is the excellently titled blog of Ed Provencher.

Rec.juggling regular, American in South Korea. With plenty of Juggling Videos, thoughts and links. Focusing mainly on Balls and clubs and throwy-droppy Juggling (Toss Juggling).

Ed’s been a bit quiet for the last month, (presumably too busy juggling to stop and post!) so we’re hoping if we poke him, he’ll start blogging again.

Rhythmics is NOT easy!

Friday, August 15th, 2008
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A youtube classic, Those bum-head trap catches at the end are clearly impossible.
This reminds me, MoM has got 3 more Bodyroll montages to put out in the next couple of weeks. How’s the final edit going Ryan?

Una Clava en Movimiento – Emiliano Alessi

Friday, August 15th, 2008
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Emiliano Alessi Manipulates and dances with a single club on stage at the EJC in Athens last year.

Beautiful movement, and working with shapes and dynamics. Well worth a watch.

Human Movement Capabilities

Thursday, August 14th, 2008
YouTube Preview Image

I love parkour and the l’art du deplacement. The above video is a French group called ‘Speeders’ who are very very good and clearly they also do tricks, not just parkour.

Also for your viewing pleasure we have, Mister Puma, a man who does in fact look more comfortable on his arms than his feet. He’s French also, and if you get past the four or so handstand press ups he does in the training section at the start, you’ll see him doing very dangerous things that the French transport police (Do they have them?) don’t mind. VIDEO LINK

On the subject of amazing body control, we got a member of the British Tumbling Team – Damien Walters, doing some crazy crazy stuff, including a back tuck with a chair, and a front tuck to immediate double back. Yowsa! VIDEO LINK

Some beautiful parkour training from a young British chap – Phillip Doyle. He’s really powerful, agile and dedicated, but also, he’s barefoot for the entirety of this VIDEO: I love how long the swing of his arms is when he runs, just like a gymnast.

Finally a very very strong and gymnastic Russian – Oleg Vorslav. He’s doing things in this video that I seriously thought weren’t possible for the human body, but he’s making them look easy. Really, I’ve only ever seen gibbons do some of this stuff, and that’s a compliment. This is an art project film, so don’t expect to see much slow motion of the movements but it’s well done and amazing to watch. The amazingness starts at 3 minutes into this ten minute video. VIDEO LINK

The Foire Blog – Le Cimer

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

The Foire Circus and juggling blog by Le Cimer (Kevin Wall)
A new blog, just a few weeks old, Foire is updated several times a day and has already got a healthy back catalogue of posts about Juggling, Manipulation and circus.

Huge thanks to MCP for being guest blogger for the last couple of weeks. she was too good, so we had to sack her. 😀 The next weeks theme will be “Juggling and manipulation blogs” – If you have one, that we don’t know about, please drop a note in the comments.