Basketball prodigy

From youtube:

11 year-old baller. Kids in 5th grade and he does stuff serious 12th graders would have trouble with. His mile is ridiculous too, 4:50. What a little beast, I hope to see this kid in the NBA, he’s got the work-ethic, as long as he stays healthy. Also, I apologize on behalf of the most annoying news anchor and reporter ever.

Modeshifting – David Elsewhere

It’s Elsewhere being cool again. Apparently he’s sold out for mega-dollar to Motorola, that company that makes the phones with the horrible s**tty interfaces.

This advert is to tell you, that Motorola have introduced an amazing *new* feature. When your listening to music on this phone, if someone calls you, the phone will stop playing the music and ring – OMG. What will they invent next? Oh apparently, a phone that can take photos.

You can find more of David’s excellent clips on youtube.

His body isolations are sooo tight.
Thanks to Coleman for the link.

Creature Comforts – The Circus Part 1 & 2

The Genius of Aardman, visits the circus, Yay for Bristol.
“That’s not really juggling is it?”
“Nah, that’s just chucking stuff up in the air, isn’t it.”

little Seiko – Unicycling robot girl

Tokyo-based electronics company Murata yesterday unveiled a small humanoid robot that can unicycle forward and backward and is also able to stop without falling over.

Murata’s new robot is called Seiko-chan (”little Seiko” in Japanese) and stands 50cm tall (weight: 5kg). Seiko-chan is equipped with a slant detection function and a balancing system that is placed in its chest. Users can control the robot girl via Bluetooth and a built-in wireless camera.

The future today. Soon all clowns will be obsolete.
Via CrunchGear

Ryan – 2 ball isolation experiment

Neat little improvisation with 2 balls from Ryan Mellors. Footage taken from the Contact Juggling in Canada project (which we will be blogging about sometime soon)

JCJC 2: Contact Staff: Shion

Contact staff by Shion. From the same yoyogi park ‘Japanese Contact Juggling Conventinon (JCJC)’ that brought us the Okotanpe clip.

Friday fun – Mr. Wind

Great characterization in this ad for Epuron.