Wes Peden – Expectations trailer

from Wes’ description on youtube:
Expectations is a 33 minute juggling film by Wes Peden. This video was inspired by the though of composition and how the idea of an album to a musical artist relates to the idea of a video to a juggler. The download price is 10.00 US dollar. The video is 432.7 MB Download it and get more info here: http://www.wespeden.com/crustyjuggler

Very impressive. Wes is amazing :O

Buugeng – curved staff

From Youtube:

The Buugeng is revolutionising the visual arts arena; by blending the unusual shape of the spinning device, martial arts movement and meditation (intuitive by nature), it creates a visual kaleidoscope that is astounding to the eye. This unique device produces an infinite number of amazing geometric patterns and optical illusions.

Vaasco and NoiseAssult brought this up on ContactJuggling.Org. Michael Moschen performed a Buugeng peice in his PBS Special.

Ryan Mellors: In the Park (A few hard tricks)

(Ed kindly writes)

It seems that whilst Ryan Mellors was going across Canada to teach he spent a lot of time playing, too…

Such well thought out and super tight manipulations from our Core Canadian. combined with tight body isolations, Ryan gives us a look at the steps following his earlier practise vids, and where they’ve taken him.

Check the seamless transitions. Sickness.