Dude carries 20 bricks on his head

Khulna, Bangladesh. Wow.

Chicken Head Isolation

it’s not a funny friday, but here there is an interesting and incredible vid about head isolations..never seen an isolation better than this 😀

enjoy! 😀

Alexander Koblikov – Juggling Sailor

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JCblDtiefWsBeautiful rolling, footwork and head catches with 3 to 10 balls and a sailor hat.
Wow. Picks Jaw up off the desk!
Thanks to Stijn, who posted it over on juggling DB, where they seem to be having a week of uncovering great videos from Russia and Ukraine.
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Race of the Agitators Director’s Cut

Probably the most shocking thing you will see this week.
The “No animal circus cruelty” crowd can lay off on this one, I’ve been bitten by enough of these little critters to have a grudge against them – despite 20 years of vegetarianism.

Juggling – Cocoa loves Piroettes

Intense pirouette action from Shingo “Cocoa” Yamaguchi

Drumming and Juggling – Chip Ritter

From the Late Show with David Letterman.

E.Z.O – Juggling in Hokkaido, Japan

From Youtube:

I’m Sorry it contains only Japanese caption.But they don’t have important meanings.Just watch beautiful scenery of hokkaido.
(Including balls,diabolos,[r]ings,and a cat juggling)

Link via : tamanikakunikki.blog90.fc2.com/