Barefoot Contact Juggling

Kyle Johnson sent us his latest multiball video. Some real good ideas in here. Some very clean, some not so clean, but amazing all the same. We like.
Picking up some rave review on .org.

Update – Sorry for breaking MoM for the Linux users over the last few months (Hi Pich), bad video player add-in to wordpress. Despite half of MoM being on Ubuntu, the RSS feed wasn’t broken so we didn’t really notice! should be fixed now.

Elias Hedlund – VSNBT MNPLTN SRS

This video of Elais Heldund from the hyper-arty VSNBT MNPLTN SRS doing crazy manipulation with 1 – 4 clubs is one of my favorite online juggling videos ever.
Director / producer Oskar Wrangö carefully crafted a visual style and juxtaposition of action/non-action that really makes the juggling stand out; its introspective and moody and everything else I love about VISIONBOT. The first 3 parts of VSNBT MNPLTN SRS are now available on Vimeo.

Ministry Workshop – Berlin 2009 – TRAILER

[Ninja] 😉

Mmmmmmmministry Berlin 2009…

Oh my god it was an amazing experience. we had people coming to us all the way from Australia and the United States… not to mention most of Western Europe being represented there. Such a large group of friendly, inspiring and interesting people helped to make the week in Berlin the huge success that it was.

Take 40 jugglers from all over the world, add in a twist of Jea9, a squeeze of Moon, a handful of Kelvin, A sprig of Colin and Ed, and then season with a pinch of Meg, and you end up with an official workshop of epic proportions. My brain is only just recovering, and I was one of the teachers! I hope the students will be able to come and give us their accounts soon too, but I think we melted their brains pretty bad…

Anyway, in the meantime whilst the we take the time to separate all the awesome moments that make up one amazing week in order to bring you a more coherent review, I’ll leave you hanging some more with the video trailer, sent to us today by Lhupo, who was commissioned by the Katakomben to film the event. Look out for an article in Kaskade magazine too…

More Lhupo: Lhupo’s channel on youtube

[/Ninja] 😉

Speedlinks – 16/04/09

We used to have a “suggest a link” page – Put if fell off the site in one of the updates last year, – So we’ve put it back (under manipulation links). Meantime some people have e-mailed us links, thank you. We’re having a tidy up and posting a few:
* 4 person interactive poi spinning… – link from Splinter on .org thanks.
* Porte à Porte – combines Cigar boxes with digital Manipulation – Thanks to Pich for the Link.
* Nata Galkina. Foot Juggling. Antipoden. Антипод – thanks to Marco Paoletti for the link.
* Nata Galkina (Feet-Füße-Ноги) Unusual love story. – Also sent by Marco.
Mr. Boul Juggling – Some contact, some Baffoonery in a big ball.

You could be forgiven for not knowing that the Ministry just had one of its biggest, and most successful events, a week long workshop in the Katakomb, Berlin. as there has been no write up on here. Some news leaking out on .org. Hopefully if we drop a few hints, Ed will post a longer write up about it.


all_staffs_portraitThe new ALLSTAFFS promo video (edited by David Nolan) is super high quality.
If we were assembling a fire staff dream team this quartet would be a pretty good start:
– Valerie Ann Sealey (USA)
– Sebastian Berger (Austria)
– Steve Joshua Dyffort (Germany)
– Antti Suniala (Finland)
Also on Youtube.
More ALLSTAFF Photos.
ALLSTAFFS Facebook group.
Yay. Great stuff, Good luck with the Project guys.

Enrico Rastelli: il meraviglioso giocoliere

A newly discovered video of the incredible Enrico Rastelli.

Included a wide variety of the acts he has performed during his career, as well as awesome footage of him playing soccer. Thanks to rec.juggling for the link. Transcript (italian.. anyone want to translate?) found here