Damien Walters can fly

Damien Walters Showreel 2009 – Got skills. Gymnastics, Tumbling, Freerunning, Parkour …if Jackie Chan were from Derby.

“Plane” Pacman popping duet

This combination of popping and lyrical dance to “Plane” by Jason Mraz is mindblowingly gorgeous;  a treat for my eyes, ears and soul.  I watch it again and again and it still feels like I’m seeing dance for the first time.

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Pacman wows the dance judges

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Pacman contact juggling (!)

Okotanpe (and Crystal Pakkun)

New video from Japanese contact master Okotanpe (Mr Fuse).

Makes it feel like summer already 🙂  Great style, great isolations, great variations!

Previously: Interview with Okotanpe

Tom Shannon – Floating ball sculptures – TED.com

Tom Shannon explains his! amazing levitating ball sculptures to TED! – Ball fetish.

MCP staff – Alternative Audio for ‘Cool Bits’

Probably the best contact staff video in the world!!?! (Audio slightly NSFW).
MCP Meghan – Contact staff rockstar, prolific video maker and occasional MoM Guest blogger, has rolled out a LOT of new staff tutorials free online.
And this video… The skills are super high, but somehow it seems like the audio got a bit muddled in the editing. LOVE IT!
Here’s the original Thanks Meg.
If you love Meg as much as we do, you can now buy the t-shirt!

More Japanese Contact Juggling

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqH3qaO013kMore weirdness from Japanese TV; this time its Masaki Hirano (is it?.. i can’t tell; they all wear the same glasses) busting out isolationy goodness to the delight of the crowds.

See also:
Masaki Hirano drinks a beer.

Friday Fun – Japan’s Rube Goldberg

A Rube Goldberg device from Japan which creates a pot of ramen noodles. I’ll never get tired of Rube Goldberg videos; must be the contact juggler in me.

Friday Fun – boing!

via, the excellent Stuff that moves blog.