Crystal Ball and Illusionary Movement Workshop – Matt Hennem

Workshop Details sent through from NoFitState Circus of a new class with the master of wigglly ball magic; Matt Hennem:

24th and 25th October 10.00-4.00
Cost £40 members £60 non-members
This 2 day masterclass will teach and explore illusionary movement and object manipulation. Email education(at) for details. (The Ministry is assuming that this workshop is in Cardiff, Wales.. NoFitState never really mentioned this but their company is based there…)

No experience necessary – the class is devised to be totally accessible to complete beginners but will also challenge experienced jugglers, dancers, illusionists – anyone in fact. . .

The class will cover leans, glides, slides, moonwalk, popping, body/object based fixed point isolation, ball manipulation and more. . .

Learn from one of the top cabaret acts on the scene –
“a triumph. . . He conjures that rare magic that is no less entrancing for being simple.” – The Telegraph
“. . . simple and beautiful, inviting the suspension of disbelief as he seemingly levitated a crystal ball.”

Check out Matt’s Liquid Crystal Promo here:

And his spot in the Ministry 2006 EJC video here:

Clonakilty Juggling Convention – September 25th-27th 2009

Ronan mailed us with this video, from the 2008 Clonakilty Juggling Convention.
This year’s convention will be on September 25th-27th 2009 – You’ve got one month until the awesomeness of the 5th Clonakilty Object Manipulation and Movement Convention in Ireland.
Current Artist list:
Matthias Romir (Experimental Club and Ball Juggling)
Aragorn Boulanger “Bishop” (Dance)
Nico (Contact Ball)
Nicolas Longuechaud (Hoop Manipulation)
Camille P (Club Swinging and Manipulation)
Cecilia Manfrini and Lukas Wiesner (Acrobatics, Contortion, Juggling)
Meg Claire Pike “MCP” (Staff)
Darragh McLoughlin (Ball Juggling)
Chloe De Buyl Pisco (Dance)
Ronan McLoughlin (Poi)

Poooooooo, it’s the weekend that term starts for me. Arrrrrrg.

Ohio – Teruki Okamoto, Yuri Yamamura, and Patrik Elmnert

Wes Peden knows what good juggling is. This time he turns the camera on Teruki, Yuri and Patrik and brings us video so bountifully packed with good concepts that it enriches the whole juggling community.

classy stuff 😉 thanks guys.
From Wes’ youtube:

Teruki Okamoto, Yuri Yamamura, and Patrik Elmnert rocking out the modern juggling in Jay Gilligan’s back yard after the Shoebox Tour. Filmed by Wes Peden.

Teruki is juggling russians, Yuri and Patrik are juggling Play Sil-X balls The rings are Mr. Babache and the clubs are Henrys Delphins.

The music is by Pogo and Errand boy.

don’t forget to subscribe to patrik and yuri. i’ll post it ehre when luki gets an account.…