Lusine – “Two Dots”

Cute, music video combining; acrylics, romance, animation and elementary algebra . These are a few of my favorite things.
File it under ball porn!

Britta Johnson (video director for Andrew Bird, among others) brings Lusines gorgeous new single Two Dots to life, illustrating the songs relationships-as-trigonometry analogy in an intricately animated video. In the clip, a pair of marbles—one blue, one yellow—engage in the timeless dance of seduction on a horizontal plain, mapping the ups and downs of a courtship through pencil-drawn geometric principles…

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Out Of Time

Breakdance and free running combined. Quite a lot of randomness and mugging at the camera, and overuse of shadow/highlight effect, but the skillls on display (in Latvia) are amazing.

Pacman dancing with the ladies – “Tetris” tutting (& more duets)

Phillip Chbeeb (aka Pacman) has graced out blog many times before with some of the sickest waves and isolations in the business. His latest video is a mix of tutting and Nintendo (!) with Arielle Coker; choreographed in his signature style. Pacman duets are the best!

Click here for more of his duet performances with the ladies!
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Sign Spinner Matt Doolan

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I love sign spinning, cos it’s like plank spinning, which in turn is like staff spinning. Except you have a plastic sign instead of some other linear object. 2D object spinning, I’m all about it. Throwable, contactable, spinnable, it’s all possible, and there’s even a kick up in there.

I still wonder if they always remember to point the sign in the right direction when they stop spinning….

JCJC2 Komei Aoki

Youtube Link: Youtube

Oh how I wish this was in High Quality.

This video is Contact Juggling combined with popping style dance. Komei is brilliant.

Hence this video is absolutely choc full of win, but sadly lacking in film quality.

Also, Komei doesn’t practise to music, the music practises to Komei.

D.menza contact meteor

Youtube Link: Youtube

A meteor video from a while ago, but only recently on youtube. It could have been posted here before, my memory goes, now I’m getting old and all.

Anyway, innovative new meteor done in a laid back style. I personally know D.menza has more awesome cartwheel tricks he can do. Nice to see someone just off exploring on their own.

Also it’s awesome. 😀

Les Objets Volants – Transparences

Youtube Link: Youtube

Everyone should know that Les Objects Volants are ridiculously innovative, creative and skilled (Hence AWESOME) but if you don’t, here is a video to cement that opinion. I am a huge fan of anything combining physics with juggling and I think this does that, with a twist of a new illusion created because of it. I love it, I wish I’d thought of it, I’m going to watch it again and all the other videos on their website:

Friday Fun – Street performance in Athens

A bit of fun for a Friday morning. A dance battle with brilliant use of inflatable costumes!