Wes Peden and Patrik Elmnert : Duet for the King and Queen

Wes Peden and Patrik Elmnert performing a club juggling duet for the King and Queen of Sweden. (Link Via StreetJuggling.com)

As a juggler, I love this video. I’ve spent a lot of times on forums and in closed circles of jugglers, exchanging tricks and concepts for one another.  Often these tricks are abstract and conceptual; weird variations on neat techniques and things that ‘other jugglers would find interesting because they understand this stuff.’  Youtube is full of awesome juggling ideas and discussions between jugglers. And there is such an excitement that comes from these moments of innovation and discovery when a new technique is explored. This video is full of neat stuff like that.

But Wes and Patrik are sharing that excitement and love for funky weird juggling with everybody, not just other jugglers.  When Wes throws that ass-wrap pass at 0:39, I can’t help but think “Does that royalty guy picking his nose really know how insane that pass is?”

But you know what? I think he does. Watch the faces of the crowd. The experience of watching this intricate dance of clubs being exchanged between the jugglers is full of these moments of  ‘omg what a neat idea’, which is why the experience of the piece is so enlightening, the dance is so unique and marvelous. And flawless!

Good job Wes and Patrik. You make the juggling that everybody likes. After that last amazing wine-bottle-trio video, you guys are fast becoming the classiest jugglers on the planet.

It’s a Merry Vulcan Christmas!

Everyone at the Vulcan wishing you a merry Christmas from “scenic” East Oakland, California. Featuring Brian Thompson and Matt McCorkle of Code RED: Circus Conspiracy, who you may know from a previous post on MoM for their Isolation Hoop Report of January 2009. This is the third video of the series to say happy holidays, made by Noel Yee featured in his Christmas Partner poi video. Continue reading It’s a Merry Vulcan Christmas!

The 2009 ContactJuggling.org Xmas Tree

There is a very special Christmas tree at www.contactjuggling.org.

Every year (since 2004) users from the site create new videos and place them under the tree for the delight of all contact jugglers worldwide on Christmas morning. This years tree (LINK) is set up to be awesome, with a new batch of videos ready to be uploaded and will be appearing in the thread very soon!

Previous Years

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Are you a fan of the annual tradition? Post youtube links to your favorite videos from past DotOrg Xmas Trees, and I’ll embed the videos in the comment section.

Luminous Fractal : 4th Iteration

Wow with a crazy title like that, it makes you wonder who reads this blog.

Great rolling ideas in this video. It seems Ben (that Canadian guy with all the nicknames) , has posted a new video on DotOrg; which is better than his last one. They are both gems, but this one is especially ridiculous.

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Some of my newest tricks and favorite clips from summer/fall 2009.

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