Happy Holidays from www.ContactJuggling.Org (Ice Girl by Sennyo)

Sennyo – “Ice Girl”

This years batch of videos for the annual DotOrg Xmas Tree were top-notch.  My favorites included:

Arnar & STF – An Ordinary Christmas

Sir_Riel – Christmas for Dummies

Congasious – toytree

… and even Drew made a video!

Richard Hartnell- “The Meaning of Flow”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKizrvTeO1A Well said!

This is my friend Richard’s entry into The Flowtoy’s Meaning of Flow Video Competition. Anyone can enter,¬† just make a video talking about what flow means to you, and you can win one of these Ultimate Flowkits with $600 worth of glow props and accessories.