Igor Zaripov – Aerial Straps


Incredibly graceful, incredibly strong, actually really beautiful Aerial Straps from the ‘World Champion’ Straps artist, Igor Zaripov. I love watching this… you see something you’ve seen done before on straps, and then you blink and realise he is doing it the hard way, slowly and gracefully. Beautiful. Well done that man.

New Stuff from our amazing contributors

The people we’ve taken on as guest contributors over the years are awesome people.
When Kyle, Wes Peden, Moon, or MCP make a new video, you know it’s going to be good.

So this is a thank you, from me (Ryan) to the rest of the M.o.M crew. You guys rock, seriously. Thanks for stopping in and adding your favorite stuff here on M.o.M and thanks for your commitment to your disciplines. You are all phenomenal artists and we want to see more of you here!

Click below for 4 videos (never posted here before) reminding you why our contributors are awesome.
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Hula Hoop – On a Pole

YouTube Link

This is mad new style hooping, of yes, awesome. Not quite sure of the name of the girl yet, apart from Jane, been trying to find out if she was supposed to be at the Sydney Juggling Convention.

Anyway, she does mad awesome hooping on a pole, so that you get the low space underneath you, she uses that to great effect, makes the pole do hoop, does pancakes and beautiful juggling transitions and owns some of the old style Bob Branson hoop rolling… Epic, watch it.

Okotanpe – another busking bootleg (you haven’t seen yet)

When you are on Youtube late at night and you are searching through the latest contact juggling uploads (searching for unknown gold), there is nothing more exciting than stumbling onto a bootleg clip of Okotanpe. Shot by some random guy visiting Japan, he thought this ‘crystal ball thing’ was pretty rad and so he filmed it and put the clip on Youtube for everyone to enjoy. I hope he left a nice tip.

Okotanpe’s isolations are tight, and the multiball progression from 2-6 balls is clean with quick changes. Respect to the random tourist in Japan too; he has a steady shot and even manages some nice close-ups.

“Intrinsic Self”- A Short Documentary

This is a nicely put together small documentary that I would like to see as a large one on object manipulation in general. It features interviews with a few spinners and jugglers from the San Francisco Bay Area of California,  on their favorite subject of fire and object manipulation.

I especially like Jordan’s realization about his life. : )

Tony Duncan – Multiball contact juggling

Tony Duncan is the father of contact juggling in Japan. He was teaching and performing these techniques in the country before most people had even heard of Michael Moschen. He won an IJA Gold medal with a one ball contact juggling act in 1994, which included an over-the-head roll and other bodyrolling/butterfly techniques which he had been working on since the late 70’s. Dawn recently returned from TurboFest in Quebec, and she brought back this great clip of his uniquely excellent palmspinning style.

When I joined the forums @ contactjuggling.org in 2001, there was a collection of user submitted videos from the ‘early days of contact juggling…’ back when people were still trying to figure out minor variations on Moschen’s crystal ball routine. But amongst the collection of clips was a collection of 5 files from a Japanese user named Aotaku. I compiled the clips and released them HERE. The Aotaku videos showed some highly advanced multiball techniques using 2.5mm silicon balls, including separated 3ball palmspinning and other variations that were far more technically advanced than anything else available on the site at the time. Aotaku dissapeared completely, and there was no way to get more info on this rare and beautiful palmspinning style. All we had was 5 clips, and each file was named “palmspinning4tonyduncan1.mpg, palmspinning4tonyduncan2.mpg, etc…
Now it makes sense.