Friday Fun – 3 balls animation

Vintage Sesame Street.

Eloi Prieur – Porte à Porte – Box manipulation

Drew mentioned this in a link from years ago, but I think it deserves it’s own post (since i can probably account for about a thousand of it’s current 2,800 views.)

Nowhere on the internet have I even seen such an amazing approach to box manipulation, such a radical difference from the normal style of this rare juggling prop. Eloi did some good research; he is pulling ideas from tonnes of other juggling disciplines and creating his own unique set of rules for manipulation.

High five to the box jugglers out there!

Ed – waves and particles

Everybody’s favorite Ministry manipulator (its ok, I don’t take it personally) ED!! is back after far too long away from the camera. Prepare to have an internal-eye orgasm, as his combination of wavedance and contact juggling makes for some magic moments.  Thank you very much to Ed’s flat-mate for spending the time to make a film project out of him.  MOAR!!! I demand it!

Komei & Masaki Multi Ball Routine

Multiball is evolving!

absolutely wonderful ideas.

thanks to all the people that brought this to my attention this morning.

Friday Fun – Shadow Juggling

Bret Wengeler performs his Shadow Juggling during an ice show in 2002.

Tangram by Christiana Casadio and Stefan Sing

Youtube Link

What’s to say really? It’s got Stefan Sing in it, watch it already.