Pesky hackers

Hi all, If you’re wondering why things are a bit quiet around here, I’m not posting much because MoM has had trouble recently with pesky hackers who keep injection code to secretly advertise viagra and stuff you don’t want. They are the lowest 🙁 As a result MoM is temporaraly de-listed from google search results, and time I would spend posting videos is taken up with fixing the code 🙁 Normal service will hopefully return soon. Drew

Diabolo – A.M.C.B.B (Ejlas and Joona)

A.M.C.B.B.  any move could be best.

Something freaky is going on in Finland. These two kids have obviously discovered time travel because all these tricks are from the future. Either that, or they have the ability to stop time, adjust their diabolos, and then continue the sequence. Whatever it is.. something freaky is going on in Finland. This stuff ‘aint right.