Ember and Poki- The Button Wagon

Poki and Ember as Button Wagon are former inhabitants of the Vulcan. They are currently touring and just returned from Taiwan where they were performing with Mr. OM! Poki just performed at the Portland Juggling Festival and they will both be in the main show at the first Durango Juggling Festival in Colorado.  These guys are great performers with awesome skills, their first performance of this act was at my house in the Prop Box Studio and it was super inspiring. If you can, GO SEE THEM!

Genki Sudo – “Mind Shift”

Brain explosion! I will now dedicate my life to walking like this.  The song is Mind Shift by Genki Sudo (Genki was apparently a professional boxer (the punching kind)  in japan (link, he starts boxing & dancing at 1:28) before releasing an electro-pop albulm “World Order”. Does anything make sense anymore? Genki apparently choreographed the dance, wrote the music and lyrics, and sang the song).

I’ve had zero luck digging up any info (video/info/history)  and I don’t know who the other dancers are. Help would be appreciated, post in the comments if you know if they are identified by another name.  The style is similar to Umin (LINK) (LINK) , i wouldn’t be surprised if they were related.

Recommended balls for 1 ball Contact Juggling

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsH4y76fqDw Dawn (with a bit of help from Ryan and Drew) has put together this video, aimed at beginner contact jugglers, which discusses the different ball options available for 1 ball contact juggling.
Jea9 balls – 125mm/5″ mister babache Stage ball
Acrylic balls, 75mm, 100mm and 120mm (3″/4″ and 4.75″)
100mm/4″ Hard stage balls
100mm/4″ Stage balls (squidgy)
100mm/4″ Sil-X balls
Wooden balls
Fushigi balls (sorry for mentioning the f-word)
An Orange
Tennis ball and a
Tea cup.


“The 4 Basic Isolations” – new Hoop Isolation workshop video.

Ryan Mellors has just released a 30 minute hoop manipulation tutorial video/workshop called “The 4 Basic Isolations”.

It is only $5 to download until October 1st.  Highly recommended for all people interested in hoop manipulation.

Click here for more info.

Home of Poi.com currently have Isolation hoops in stock.