Bristol Hoop Massive

Bristol Hoop Massive on youtube
Rocking it from the West country, local hoopers with chav-tastic style from Bags and his hareem!

People are Awesome
Lots of people flying and huge jumps in today’s dose of youtube compilation, trying to make you smile and sell you a bit of music.
Many bones were broken in the making of this video.

Diabolo – Adjectives (Eljas & Joona)

Wow! Eljas & Joona absolutely destroy any other diabolo video I’ve ever seen before with style & originality.

Thanks to Jesse Gehlen for the link (he thinks this may be the BEST VIDEO EVER, and I might just have to agree with him)

Whoa…whoa…WHOA…aww… wh… WHOAAAA!!!

Kudos to the Japanese Juggling Festival for being  probably the only juggling festivals to have enough cigar boxes to go from wall to wall in a gym.

Friday Fun – Parkour Dog

Ridiculous parkour parody, full of all the cliched shots. Link via Reddit

This dog is good, but not nearly as talented as this group of performing animals.

Larry Griswold – The diving fool

Larry Griswold – Seriously talented Vaudeville entertainer, Gymnast and Co-inventor of the trampoline!
Performing in 1951 on the Frank Sinatra show.
Wow. Amazing skill and brilliant clowning. (I know Ben Budda is going to like this one.)

EPIC performing robot montage.

This video of dancing and singing robots is full of the purest awesome. Probably my favorite video of all time, period. When that big robot at 1:47 is all like “THERE’S SOME ROBOTS…. THERE’S SOME ROBOTS IN THIS HOUSE” I jumped out of my chair and punched my fists in the air like a 12 year old cheering for Optimus Prime.

This PWNS our Robot Category (except for maybe that recent Ed video, which loses points only for not having a wicked robot costume, but scores above these dancers for style and originality.)

Leave a Comment if you like robots!

Ich Bin Ein Berlin Ed (UnEditEd)’t watch the clip above, go to Youtube and watch it in High Def.
The first video from Nika from the recent MoM Berlin Masterclass. Super super effect from the lovely camera lens. Hire him, he makes stuff look amazing with a camera. 😀
Oh, and I’m in the Video, too.
I bust out after day two of the workshop. MY eyes bug when I watch this, and I was there!
Thanks Nika! I can’t wait to see more videos!
Edit: Drew I added a category, cos Ed was too modest. 😉