La Preuve Par 4- killin’ it

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sick! As you can see by the name they are from France.

The dancers are:

Marion Motin (from quality street and swagger crew)

Julie Moreau (from swagger crew)

Nicolas Medea (from R.A.F crew)

Marvin Gofin (from R.A.F crew)

Thanks to Richard Hartnell for the link : )

Hidaka – Playful Gravityless

Hidaka has a little fun with animation. Hidaka was one of the students at the recent berlin workshop. I’m seeing some lovely ideas slowly emerging from the students there…

We also get a glimpse of the new, renovated Katakomben. looking good! can’t wait to see it in person!

I like this video. it’s fun. I’m also an animation freak at the moment 😉

Double Staff Manipulation Trailer

<a href=””>Youtube Link</a>

Trailer for my double staff DVD. Feel a bit weird about posting it here but Ryan let me so I hope it’s okay.

Tony Pezzo- IJA’s top 40 WJF profile results tutorial

Tony has some crazy new weird juggling to show you.

Contact Staff in Brussels

A french guy goes to Brussels and films some awesome contact staff and this is the result. Giant bunch of win. Good to see the monkey style and Rodney Mullen style moves coming into contact staff there…. Also very nice to see tricks done well with body awareness. Win.

Brecken Rivara Hoop Demo

Brecken finally gets the film quality she deserves. Thou this is two years old and not exactly always showing off the most technical of manipulations… it’s more MTV style, hello belly shots. Brecken still rocks out her completely unique style of hoop dance.