Teruki Okamoto- Play for Japan (Benefit)

This video benefits those effected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It is 20 minutes long, including club, ring, ball manipulation.

The video is 700 Yen ( about 8.85 USD or 5.80 EUR ).

To buy/donate go to TerukiOkamoto.com


” Packing my recent research of complex clubs manipulation, beautiful rings shaping, smooth moving with balls, and develop new concept with new props.”

I bought it. I liked all of the new ring stuff. : )

Workshop: Ed in ‘Burgh. [/There is no Crew]

New Dimensional Movement and Manipulation Exploration Masterclass with Ed

When: 28th – 29th May 2011

4 x 2hour workshops. 2 workshops per day, in the afternoon.

Workshop 1 = Posture, body/spatial awareness, efficiency in movement, analysing movement, Balance.
Workshop 2 = Speed Control
Workshop 3 = Waves
Workshop 4 = Illusion disguised as Contact Juggling. Warp Drive Installation session.

Individual Workshop cost: £15
All 8 Hours Workshop cost: £50
With enough interest, Prices will decrease.

Numbers limited to 25

Venue: TBC, Edinburgh, Scotland

Booking Info: Send me an email, and I’ll send you more details. 🙂

What will be taught:
1 = The base code. Re-introducing people to themselves, how they move, and how to use it to our advantage. Your body is a prop too.
2 = How to stop, move slow, and move faster.
3 = Waves are more than just a dance. They go pretty deep too. I’ll help you understand them better.
4 = Illusion style Contact juggling. How to hold any prop, and make it look interesting. How to keep things still, move around things, and move things. Mind over matter.

Time to see what’s really going on! These techniques translate very easily to other areas of manipulation and performance, so even if people aren’t into contact juggling, you’ll still take away a huge amount of invaluable knowledge from the workshops. I’ll install your ‘Warp Drive’, and make sure it’s functioning correctly. You won’t see things the same way again.

Come play, and Join the Crew that isn’t!

Ball on the head – iMark in Berlin

iMark is one of the administrators at www.contactjuggling.org and he is generally a pretty awesome dude (he sent me and several other dotorg members a nice shiny 100mm acrylic. Thanks iMark. I made him a 2 Dots video as a thank you.

Anyways… i really liked this clip of him that was put together by Elsie.

He really does walk around like this all day. Really.

How is a fushigi ball like an orange?

Dawns helpful beginners video will hit 1/4 million views this week!
From the comments:

Thanks for showing how you can use a common household item to learn contact juggling. My stepson has been nagging for a Fushigi ball and once he saw this he decided he didn’t need any special ball to learn.
Thanks again!

YouTube – How is a fushigi ball like an orange?.
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Everything about this is amazing and overwhelming. the group tutting sequences are just unreal. Words cannot express enough appreciation for Genki Sudo and World Order.

From Youtube (english translation below):

作詞:須藤元気  作曲:須藤元気/ Takashi Watanabe
Group name is 「WORLD ORDER」,Music by Genki Sudo /Takashi Watanabe, Words by Genki Sudo
http://www.crnavi.jp/company.html(Crystal Navigation Inc.)

い ま日本で起きている地震、津波、原発という前代未聞の震災は今後、どのようにでも変わると思います。そこで僕なりにメッセージを届けようとWORLD  ORDERで表現しました。この災害は文明の転換点となるものだと捉えています。世界の人々が現状の社会、経済、政治のシステムに対して地球と共存する変 革の時期が来たと

­思います。出来事と言うのは中立です。この深い闇の中をさまよう僕らですが一人一人が恐れを手放し前向きに事と向かい合えばどんなことでも乗り越えられると信じています。­世界は変わりません。僕ら一人一人が変わるのです。そうすれば世界が変わります。夜明け前の夜は一番暗いもの。人類にとって本当の輝かしい朝を迎えるためにみんなで立ち上­がりましょう。 WE ARE ALL ONE



Many disasters are ongoing in Japan; earthquakes, Tsunami, and nuclear accidents. These unprecedented things may be able to change however from now. That’s why I expressed through World Order to convey some message to you on my own way. I see these accidents will become a turning point of civilization. I think the time of revolution is coming, where people in the world coexist with this planet against the system of modern society, economy and politics.
Any accident is neutral. Although we are straying around this deep darkness, I believe we can get through anything when each of us can let go of our fear and face things positively.
The world won’t change on its own. We do change one by one. That makes the world change. The darkness just before the dawn is deepest. So, we do rise up together to greet the brilliant morning truly coming for the human beings.

Genki Sudo

mp3 free download: