Freestyle Canoe – Marc Ornstein

Breaking one of MoM’s golden rules with this post: No Chris de Burgh, but we really enjoyed watching this routine.
Nowadays you could name any object, add the word “freestyle”, a bit of cheesy music, a tuxedo/street wear and you’ll find somewhere in the world they’ll be a crew battlin’ it.
Readers suggestions please for the next “big” thing in freestyle manipulation:
We’re looking forward to next years world championship of Freestyle Teabag, and we hear that freestyle broomstick is sweeping the nation.

Gandini Juggling Project – i-juggle white

From the always incredible Gandini Juggling Project

White space juggling extracts from forthcoming Media Circus Release. Jugglers: Bibi, Bichu, Florian Marienfeld, Doreen Großmann, Jochen Pfeiffer, Sean Gandini, Owen Reynolds, Iñaki Fernández Sastre, Kati Ylä-Hokkala. Cameras by Mark Morreau and Graham Pettit Editing by Sean Gandini

I have an Orange Ball

A while ago, A nice Brazilian man gave me an orange ball, and in return I promised a video of me using said ball.

I was slack, and took ages. Sorry about that… ANyway, this video also gives a taste of what is coming up in the workshops I’m organising around the UK at the moment.

Nik makes awesome videos. you should get him to make yours too. SRSLY. Such a good eye, and really able to express through his editing. Love it.

David “Elsewhere” Bernal – Detours

Once you get past the pure level of ‘abstraction’ in Davids dancing, you begin to notice that some tiny moments stand out as visually beautiful illusions or effects. In the 2nd part of this clip (starting around 3min)  the focus changes to his ‘battle’ tricks, and we can see a more clear demonstration of skill and ability.  With a wild range of his movement, everything is locked together by this super-controlled internal flow, the speed of all his arms and legs are moving buy propecia online together to create a sustained tempo and he is showing us crazy variations on a lot of old-school waving, tutting, botting,  strobing, liquid, popping, boogaloo techniques.

For me, no-one has influenced my own sense of dance and movement more than David Bernal. In the early days of the Ministry of Manipulation, we would sit around in the Hangar and Jea9, Colin, Ed, Drew and I would watch his videos and be blown away, then we would run off to juggle with  a billion new ideas about movement and the way things can connect together.

Detours isn’t retail anymore (only exists on the pirate bay) and lots of other clips from the two-Dvd box set are available. Check out : The Floor is my Canvas #2 (I prefer #1, but it isn’t on youtube….)

It has been too long since he has been seen around here.

Will Ferrell reminds us that ‘nothing is impossible’

Quite funny guest appearance from the American version of the office, Will Ferrell demonstrates a dynamic juggling routine with invisible balls.

Michael Karas has taken the logical step, and performed the same routine with real juggling…

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BrineChild’s Basic Contact Juggling Tutorials

BrineChild’s hilariously awesome “basic” tutorial for the contact juggling butterfly has racked up 15k views on youtube, and left a lot of people confused and stranded. My favorite comments from youtube:

  • you are the least helpful video…you are giving a lesson on the first trick we should learn and then do all these other tricks that make it harder to learn because you have to learn to balance it on your head…very discouraging first try with contact juggling  mrunicycle13 3 weeks ago

  • @mrunicycle13 😀 my videos are a metaphor for life. If you take it too seriously you may miss the point. (This comment is included in that metaphor) brinechild 2 weeks ago

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