Thai Iced Tea (awesome pouring skills)

Graceful display of pouring techniques from the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Thailand.

From youtube:

Watch in HD!!! Largest Market in Thailand that covers 35 acres which sits in the Bangkok metropolitan area. It contains upwards of 5,000 stalls and this is just one of them where these guys make great Thai iced tea…
In Malaysia its called Teh Tarik. I have been getting various emails from different people stating this practice of making tea like this is actually from Malaysia. Many locals when I visited this market just stated it was Thai iced tea, I appreciate everyone’s feedback on this


thanks my buddy Mark from Portland for the link 😉 Mark is heading up for a visit to MADSKILLZ VANCOUVER happening next weekend. woot woot.

Workshop: Manc UnitEd – [/There is no Crew]

New Dimensional Movement and Manipulation.

Same plans as Edinburgh, really, just a bit more central/south.

Preliminary Infos, Subject to change:

When: 23-24 July 2011

4 x 2hour workshops.

Workshop 1 = Posture, body awareness, efficiency in movement, analysing movement, Balance.
Workshop 2 = Speed Control
Workshop 3 = Waves
Workshop 4 = Illusion disguised as Contact Juggling. Warp Drive Installation session.

Individual Workshop cost: £12
All 8 Hours Workshop cost: £40

Numbers limited to 20? Subject to change.

Venue: Antwerp Mansion, Manchester, UK

Booking Info: Email, Face, carrier pigeon, make it be known 🙂

What I will be teaching:

1 = The base code. Re-introducing people to themselves, how they move, and how to use it to our advantage. Your body is a prop too.
2 = How to stop, move slow, and move faster.
3 = Waves are more than just a dance. They go pretty deep too. I’ll help you understand them better.
4 = Illusion style Contact juggling. How to hold any prop, and make it look interesting. How to keep things still, move around things, and move things. Mind over matter.

Time to wake up and see what’s really going on! These techniques translate very easily to other areas of manipulation and performance. It’s no longer about what the ball is doing, it’s about what you are doing. no matter what prop you use, you’re there… I’ll install your Warp Drive, and make sure it’s functioning correctly. You won’t see things the same way again.

There is no Crew, and the UK is UnitEd!

Kinect Graffitiâ„¢ – No Object Manipulation

The kinect is a Microsoft camera that can sense motion in 3 dimensions.
Jean-Christophe Naour, a French Interaction Designer based in Seoul (South-Korea), has developed this awesome realtime visualisation software Kinect Graffitiâ„¢, which is crying out to be integrated with object manipulation and dance performances.
I can’t be the only manipulator who visualise the motion of my props like this.