Toss up and sides again

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You know, Me and Drew were saying there weren’t any good videos coming out, and then like three come along at once… Time to eat our words.

This one is totes spesh. Shot by some guy with a sweet camera and edited by none other than Ori Roth. It’s exactly what you want out of a juggling video, a sweet cameraman with a good eye and then a juggler to edit it, since he knows all about the jugglings.

Featuring everyone you ever wanted to see doing club manipulation (Jordaan, Sander, Lestage (The juggler from Psy)) and then some ball juggling. Ball juggling by the likes of Stefan Sing (!). There is so much win on this video that the word win doesn’t contain enough win to describe it.

Directed and shot by Ben Hopper http://THEREALBenHopper Edited by Ori Roth

I totally schedules this for later, so if it gets posted up by someone else before. Not my problems. I was totes first.

Floating Ball Tower (!!!!!)

Literally cannot believe my EYES. If this film is CGI I don’t care cos it does make me strangely happy.

Time to search ebay for “Giant Electromagnet.”

This video is called: F5 2011 RE:PLAY Film Festival: Inductance – Apparently it was created for some festival with a theme of happy.

Happy it is. All those exclamation marks are entirely necessary.