Kilian Martin – Street & Flatland Skateboarding

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A skating film made for the Channel Four tv show “Concrete Circus” featuring in this short film, Kilian Martin from Spain. Kilian is a skater who skates like Rodney Mullen, whom I love more than pretty much anything. Listen to Mullen’s life advice: Mullen Youtube

The pool scene is particularly awesome. I am totally a sucker for real slow motion.

Kilians website:

Abbas Farid 2011 – Football Freestyle

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Abbas Farid is a British Football Freestyler who’s won competitions and awards and that sort of thing, check out his website here: for lots of info about that.

He does ace body rolling obviously, and integrates foot juggling, acrobatics and some amazing ball control that I’ve never seen before. He’s a bit good in other words. 😀

Eleven Shot (Tony Pezzo)

i love Tony’s juggling and i’m ridicules happy to see it recorded and available for the world to see.

if you don’t have the video already you should get it as quickly as possible so as to avoid ridicule from you clever and attractive friends.

The video includes a definition of genius spelled out with 4 clubs, the hottest 5 ring work on the block, a 3 ball sequence to make you fall out of your chair, and a 3 ring routine with the elegance of a pear neckless and the beautiful logic of a suspension bridge.

i’ll leave the ass kicking 2 ring sequence and sick 3 club work as a surprise for you along with all the other stuff in the video i didn’t mention.

if you are at all interested in juggling get the video. no jokes.

Stefan Sing – We really like it

A post for everyone who is not at the European Juggling Convention this week, I really like it is Professor Sing’s latest video.
Amazing control and dance skills, both with and without a ball, love 0:30 and the trap catch at 1:41, this deserves a lot more than 600 views.
Can anyone tell us more about this “Brams video Challenge”? It’s already delivered 2 great videos.
With guest appearance from Josh and Valerie’s dragon staff, which really does have metal blades. They’re tough like that.