Wes Peden – Thirty (short clip compilation)

Wes has been releasing a series of short clips on his blog, and finally put 30 of them together into a short video which is very cool. If you’ve never seen any of this before, then you probably aren’t checking his blog.


My favorite thing about the way this was made is that you can now click through the blog and see his notes about each of the concepts he is exploring in the thirty short clips. It becomes a great resource for creative-thinking jugglers and an insight into his own creative process.  Really neat collection of stuff, more bonus points to Wes Peden!


Francesco Gondino – Sparkle

Don’t know how it took us so long to post this here, and you’ve probably all seen it already, but it still deserves to be posted. Very good juggling from Francesco.



Bolita – Dance

Bolita, a dance with one long poi tied to your belt.
This is a very interesting concept in manipulation, with a LOT of possibility.
(Even if the dance footage has been cut to the wrong music, it maybe best to watch the dancing without the sound.)
Does anyone have any more information?

Damien Walters 2011 – showreel

Featured twice before on the Ministry, Damien Walters will need 2 hip replacements by the age of 40, seems to have the ability to defy gravity. This years showreel has more incredible freerunning, Gymnastics and stunts.

Super Hooping Event, UK – SWHoop 2 – Next weekend

If you’re in UK or Europe and into hooping there’s an event next weekend in Bristol, UK, the South West Hoop Conference, which is well worth checking out.

MoM dropped into part one today, and here’s our mini review. It was fab.

  • Atmosphere – Really friendly and a lot of fun.
  • Teaching – Super good, top quality international teachers.
  • Food – Mmmmmm and lots of it included in the ticket price.
  • Tea – Free and brewed properly (This get’s our vote).

We found out that there are some tickets still available for the second weekend, If you’re into hoop, it’s highly recommended, not cheap, but the money goes towards paying for excellent hoop teachers, which is always worth it in the long run.
Plus Ed is teaching a Waving (Wiggly Ed Dance) workshop next weekend and Mrs MoM is teaching a solo Charleston workshop next Sunday.
Edit, now with video.
MoM's steeling Bandwidth from Emma, sure she won't mind.

MRL #3

get it before it’s gone!!!!

The third and final MRL took place in Stockholm, Sweden, on March 22-25, 2010, with Jay Gilligan, Wes Peden, Luke Wilson, Erik Åberg, Matias Salmenaho, Ron Beeri and Patrik Elmnert.

Over four days we explored tricks, and the objects we do them with. What habits of creation did we have? What props were good for what things? How does choice of material change the technique?

The video goes offline November 30th! you snooze you loose!

you can check out the info and buy the full download on http://shoeboxtour.com/mrl

Cyrille – Brainstorming

Some poi contact/manip/juggling research by our friend Cyrille. Simply amazingly beautiful.

thanks for watching!

Genki Sudo – World 0rder 2012

From Youtube:

作詞:須藤元気  作曲:須藤元気/ Takashi Watanabe/今井悠
Music by Genki Sudo /Takashi Watanabe[over rockets]/Yu Imai  Words by Genki Sudo

mp3 free download(※無料ダウンロード):



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