Sh*t Spinners Say

Following the “Sh*t X say” meme, this Tongue in cheek video is poking fun at Spinners, from the Vulcan crew of…err spinners.
“Do it again, only less sh*t.”
We’ll add: “Faster with less control.” “Do you know G?”, “Can you do that Anti-spin?” is the new, “Can you do that isolated?” is the new, “Can you do that BTB?”
So who is going to make “Sh*t contact jugglers say?”

Sphero at CES – Contact Jugglers are obsolete

9 US, more info at, previously on MoM.

Trixie Firschke Juggling with Fred Astaire

Now you do it!
Great plate juggling, ball spinning and mouthstick, from the movie “Broadway Melody of 1940”.
Thanks to Ben for the link.