Sh*t Spinners Say

Following the “Sh*t X say” meme, this Tongue in cheek video is poking fun at Spinners, from the Vulcan crew of…err spinners.
“Do it again, only less sh*t.”
We’ll add: “Faster with less control.” “Do you know G?”, “Can you do that Anti-spin?” is the new, “Can you do that isolated?” is the new, “Can you do that BTB?”
So who is going to make “Sh*t contact jugglers say?”

Sphero at CES – Contact Jugglers are obsolete

$129 US, more info at, previously on MoM.

Romeo – How cool I am

Well done project by Rodenbros. Juggling and visual effects mixed together with a new technique where they have used 4 locations and 13 different clothes. Thanks guys, CRAZY video and editing!

Check the website:

Trixie Firschke Juggling with Fred Astaire

Now you do it!
Great plate juggling, ball spinning and mouthstick, from the movie “Broadway Melody of 1940”.
Thanks to Ben for the link.