S**t UK Contact Jugglers Say – Friday Fun

The British contact jugglers are humble folk, and don’t show off through video. Yet, Drew did a call out on his S**t Spinners Say post about how there needs to be a S**t Contact Jugglers say video. So, I hunted those punks down at Bristol’s Other Bristol convention, and grabbed any footage I could.  This is the proof that most of the people on MOM are in fact, not robots.

Stockholm iPad Act – Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales

Charlie Caper is super excited right now, as today this video of a top tablet techno magic act, will pass 1 million views on youtube.
Random: He once helped us fix the code for the menus on MoM 😀 Very nice chap!

Micheal Davis – Comedy and Juggling

Brilliant deadpan comedy timing and juggling from Micheal Davis, he is a very funny man.
This interview gives some bio.
One more after the jump.
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Arthur Cadre – Sail – Break Ton Neck

Arthur Cadre break dances in a myriad of new style moves that display strength and flexibility that is beyond human.

Alexandre Lane – Roue Cyr 2011

Big ring, big muscles, big skills.
Read Alexandre Lane’s Bio on recircle collective.
With thanks to Jackelope on .org for the link.

Tron Break Dancing Routine – i luminate

OMG yes.
Because we all need more break dancing Tron characters in our life.
More from Team i luminate can be found here:
Oh,look,a post by someone new, a big welcome to…

Synthetic (new big Wes Peden video)

45 minutes of juggling! 25 minutes of bonus tricks!! Available now for 15€

Synthetic is a film displaying the new work of Wes Peden. The material was inspired, in a concrete way, by the strength of each prop and how to best take advantage of these qualities. The general aesthetic of the juggling was particularly influences by asymmetry, clarity, and trick shape.

The video is 45 minutes long and comes with an additional 25 minutes of bonus tricks and remixes. inside you will find 3 club slapping sequences, the coolest 5 ball pirouette Wes has ever done, 25 new ring patterns, a German 6 ball piece, 3 balls and a sweater, THE THROWING AWAY SECTION, the holy club/cuphead/ball part, site specific head rolls, flipping forehead balances, the 2012 five club routine, and so very much many more!

This is a pay for download product. Grab it here!

Earl Snakehips Tucker Dancing

Youtube link. Snakehips Tucker has been featured on the ministry before, there is more info about him in the previous post. (although the old video link is down.)