Nathan Barnatt – Madeon – Pop Culture – Dance

This ultra-nerd-dancing-hero show great body control skills and choreography, in this strangely entertaining and uplifting video.
Impressive editing work too.

More Fun Than Visiting a Zoo – volume 3 – Remix (Jay and Wes video)

Manipulation Research Laboratory

 More Fun Than Visiting a Zoo – 
Volume 3 – Remix

Performed by:
Wesley Jefferson Peden & Jay Nathan Gilligan

489 tricks! 1 hour main feature plus 1 hour of bonus tricks! Available now for 10€ from

Merlin – The Sword in the Stone

At 1:34 in the clip above, Merlin the magician, as a squirrel, is Contact Juggling with an acorn. It’s from the 1963 Disney classic, The Sword in the Stone.

If you still believe that Micheal Moschen “invented Contact Juggling” in the 1980’s. Don’t worry, in this movie, Merlin is a time traveling magician, so he probably learned from Moschen, then traveled back in time to 1963 to appear in the film ;p.

Thanks to Lawrens Godon and Paponda for the clue.

Vintage Hoop Rolling, Spinning and Juggling

Steve bags has assembled together a great compilation of videos from the last century of vintage hoop rolling, juggling and spinning. All these clips have been assembled from and

Bags has launched a new blog, The Hoop Hub with online hoop tutorials, hoop articles and performance videos.

Teatro Hugo & Ines

Wow! What a great routine. It’s simple, yet effective. He seems to have mastered cute, funny and technical all in one show, the head sequence from 2:38 shows wonderful control.
Theatro Hugo & Ines website has more videos, include a video of him performing mime in 1982 – 30 years of performing!

Friday Fun – Stunt Double Circus – Grapes

A Top Gun-tastic video from professional grape munchers Stunt Double Circus.
Thanks for Rob for the link… You can be my wingman, anytime.

Sphero – Macrolab Choreography

Woah, flashback to late 1990’s Aerotech Glowball juggling routines.

In a ploy to get contact jugglers everywhere to open their wallets*, Orbotix have announced a smartphone app (Android only at the moment) which will control and choreograph multiple Spheros at the same time and they now ship Sphero internationally.

Previously on MoM.
More info.
Will we fall for it? You bet ya we will. iMark, it’s time to get your checkbook out..again.

Room full of balls – Nike Savvas

Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder was a ball installation in 2005 by artist Nike Savvas at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne.

Her pentagonal string sculptures are also fantastic.

via Colossal which has more photos.