Ridiculous Backflips

An epic triple at the end of this wild tumbletrack run.

Via -Money- on Reddit : “Bro, do you even FLIPS?”

SBTA12 Video Jay Gilligan X Wes Peden X Erik Nilsson

Hey Guys! Though some of you might be interested to check out the latest video project I’ve released on my site. It’s some of the best juggling I’ve ever been a part of!

More info and full show video on www.wespeden.com

Matt Hennem – Liquid Underground – 2013

London based contact juggler, Matt Hennem has released a wicked new promo video, showing his unique liquid crystal style, combining popping/locking, contact juggling, isolation and illusion.
Filming and uber-good editing by Howie Bailey who set up Juggling.tv.

Nick Laffey – Let It Die

Nick Laffey has a wonderful obsession with trying to eliminate all throws from his club juggling patterns and replacing them all with balances and clever manipulations. I think it is great.

I’m not sure if Midtown Greenway got posted here, but it should have been. Same with the wierd slowmo clip. I can’t stop watching it. So great.

Nick Laffey


Pilolip – 1 Ball contact isolations and dance

Pilolip shows us an amazing array of distorted boxes, crazy timechanges and solid isolations in his most recent video.

I’ve been working with him a lot on the Piryokopi project… and im amazed by his dedication to the work. Check the related posts for more Pilolip greatness, he has been featured here a lot in the past year.


Slow Motion & Skateboards & Explosions (repost)

I’ve been away from this site for a while… nice to be back. Here are some slowmotion explosions. Enjoy.