20 minutes of Viktor Gyllenberg (and 4 minutes of singing in the car)

From “Internal Structures in Motion” by the awesome Oskar Wrang√∂

Bot & Dolly – Box

Bot and Dolly
– Live performance
– 3 big industrial robots (it’s a viral for these camera dolly robots for the film industry)
– Projection mapping taken to a new level
– Illusion based magic

Eric Longequel – Diabolo show

Eric is my favorite kind of juggler: weird, deeply interested in juggling performance and has a versatile range of skills and styles. We have already featured him here before with KRTCH and Cie EA EO, but his diabolo solo is totally different from everything else. He takes everything I dislike about Pierre Marchon and turns it into something brilliant and understated. I can’t wait until¬† Defracto puts some more “Flaque” on the web…