Lucas Adverse – 3 Balls

Some great body throw variations and shapes.

Contact Juggling Collaboration 2015

Darwin Pimentel has again collected and edited a number of videos for the collab 2015.
Thanks Darwin.

Yuri – peace 2

oh my goodness. Good juggling right here.

Yuri writes:

4 years had passed since the another “peace”.
I filmed my juggling again,
To confirm and record that I could live in peace until today.

N.B.P – Paprika

Ball juggling is getting spicy. First Wes releases salt and now Nathan Biggs-Penton releases paprika. Is there gonna be a pepper?

This hat routine is very good

Even the briefcase stuff surprised me.
I have no idea what the name of this performer is.  Can someone help? Guan-Ting Chen (陳冠廷) from Taiwan – see the comments.

Komei – have you been checking his youtube channel?

Komei has been releasing tonnes of stuff and we have not been posting any of it.  This must change.

Its the future of juggling, everybody. Go absorb everything in his channel and start daggling. The battle videos have been especially good recently.

this is crazy good