Dawn Dreams – Experience Your KSO Live! – Scheherazade

Yay, the Kingston Symphony Orchestra’s season opener wonderfully featured Contact Juggling by guest Artist, Juggler and Manipulator, MoM’s own Dawn Dreams. Performing to Rimsky-Korsakov’s breathtaking Scheherazade.
Bravo! There should be more performances of juggling, contact and manipulation with live classical music.

Together we can do great things by Aileen Lawlor & Morgan Goldberg

There are some beautiful movements and interactions in this great staff video featuring Aileen Lawlor & Morgan Goldberg.
High production values, so props also to Kai Sosceles for filming it.

“I can do things you cannot do;
You can do things I cannot do;
Together we can do great things” – Mother Teresa

Composite Contact Staves by Flowtoys.com

“…to be continued.” Fantastic – We’re really looking forawrd to watching the next part. 😀

Peapot – 3 Ball Different Ways

Ahhh the old Peapot 3 Ball different ways VHS is now on Youtube.
Maksim Komaro, Ville Walo and Jay Gilligan.
Still fantastic inspiration for any jugglers wanting to expand their repertoire.
You might want to listen to your own music.
After the fold is the very useful breakdown of which tricks happen when on the video.
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