3 ball stack (not spinning)

I personally didn’t think it was possible, without spinning, or a squishy middle ball. This guy wasn’t so sure… Peter Bone, balancing like a champ.

Andrea Brunetto – Clubs – No Art

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Weird and Awesome. Also with club juggling.

Plus a song about heroin. Us scottish always appreciate that.

Graffiti Art – Mausolee

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Okay, so it’s not really manipulation, but it is intensely amazing. I was awed by the tree at the start, and then it just kept going. Impressive French installation graffiti art.

Cyrille – Acryl’


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Sweet video of actual contact juggling on MoM? Never!

Some recording of contact juggling with the acrylic in Beijing – february 2012
Filmed by Matthieu Lindenlaub