Double Contact Staff

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My mate Brett doing some sweet double staff contact, way better than me.

He might look like a bit of a hippy in a field, but he’s also doing some post-grad neuroscience stuff. How about those apples?

Riding with a Ghost

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Three of the best parkour/free-runners in the world, having some fun ghost riding a car. Watch all the way through, cos they stuff they casually do with this free-rolling car gets pretty insane. Friday fun is it?

Beatbox, Contact Juggling, Hat Manip and a big air vent.

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Nice video making use of the air current from a big vent in the ground. Check the youtube link for some details in Spanish.

Ron Beeri – Studio 16

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Very well edited juggling and manipulation video featuring Ron Beeri. Recent Graduate of Stockholm Circus School.

Juggling: Ron Beeri
Filming: Ben Hopper
Editing: Ori Roth
Music: Squarepusher – The Exploding Psychology

Cyrille – Acryl’

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Sweet video of actual contact juggling on MoM? Never!

Some recording of contact juggling with the acrylic in Beijing – february 2012
Filmed by Matthieu Lindenlaub