Balance in Challenge workshop with Jea9 in Berlin

Feb 4th to 11th 2017, Berlin, Germany

Balance in Challenge is an intensive program designed to expand your awareness, deepen your understanding of your own movement and provide you with tools for staying present under pressure. Ideal for dancers, jugglers, performers and anyone who is interested in the relationship between movement, health and expression. No experience required.

In three one-on-one Alexander Technique lessons, we will work with you on improving your basic coordination by quieting extra tension and energising your system towards a dynamic state of poise. In 30 hours of group classes we will explore exercises from physical theatre, clowning, martial arts, dance and juggling. Within this playground, we will observe how each of our ways of moving affects everything that we do. We will challenge you to keep breathing, stay grounded and respond with ease in many situations.

This is not a workshop about learning tricks, dance moves or clowning. but it will present you with powerful tools to develop HOW you move, dance, juggle, perform and live in the world. Come prepared to play at your own ‘edges’, the places just on the borders of your comfort zones, and expand your experience of life, both on stage and off.

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