The Good Life (of a Juggler)

This video begins by showing a kendama battle; a group of kendama enthusiasts throwing a series of increasingly complex tricks in a backyard competition. The small crowd explodes with excitement when the winner throws his final move, they celebrate together as if this was THE main event of the year. As a viewer, it is a unique glimpse into a very small world.

This is a collection of those awesome moments that happen when you are in the company of amazing people (and the camera just happens to be pointing in the right direction at the right time) Kyle Johnson makes the best videos, and I think he understands what this ‘ministry’ thing is all about better than we do.

Also, Canada boxes 🙂

Beardyman – Indy Music and Dubstep (and a whole lot of other genres)

Amazing clip from his Unshaved @ the Udderbelly gig (which is also available in full on youtube), Beardyman chats with the crowd about musical styles.
Warning, Strong language.

Romeo – How cool I am

Well done project by Rodenbros. Juggling and visual effects mixed together with a new technique where they have used 4 locations and 13 different clothes. Thanks guys, CRAZY video and editing!

Check the website:

FIGURE / *Asterisk – Graphic Dance Movement

The 1st video of the Experimental Multimedia Unit “*Asterisk” – a short dance video that simply expressed relation between music, dance and visual image.
*Asterisk’s members are MEISAI (Dance), MANUKE (Direction) and Kariu Kenji (Sound).

WoW. Amazing. This is the best representation I have seen of the patterns, lines and shapes formed by movement in Juggling, Dance and Manipulation. We’re excited to see more work from this collaboration.
Thanks to Remi for the link.
Waiting for Pich to come and comment about “Graphic Juggling”.