Disney Juggling Robot

This video from 2012 shows a robot which has solved all the problems needed to pass 6 balls between 2 people humanoids.
Skynet is coming, I just never realised it would start with Disney.
More info from Disney Research
Bonus points for theoretical work to develop a Biped robot on a walking globe.
#Jugglersareobsolete #clownsareobsoletetoo

Robotic Marionettes: Les Machines in Nantes

There is an imaginative and magical place that exists in Nantes, France, an artistically inspired cross between the visions of Jules Verne and Leonardo DaVinci. A company called Les Machines has built enormous robotic marionettes, that walk, fly, cry, and even spit. These creatures are entirely built of exposed wires, wood and steel with no plastic to be found in any of their work. The Machines of the Isle is created by two artists, François Delarozière (La Machine) and Pierre Orefice (Manaus association). Delaroziére used to be a part of the company Royal de Luxe, but broke off his association with them in 2008 to develop his own company, La Machine.

Wintergatan – Marble Machine

Finally, someone has created a real life version of the Short Circuit’s – Automatic Drums animations from the 90’s. OMG yes.

Wintergatan is a Nordic band that has been building this marble song making machine for a couple of years using hand cut wooden cogs. The whole Marble Machine was built and composed by Martin Molin, on their youtube channel they have 10 videos of the building process.

Human vs Robot : Table tennis (Ad)

Nice viral ad for robots, via reddit.


Bot & Dolly – Box

Bot and Dolly
– Live performance
– 3 big industrial robots (it’s a viral for these camera dolly robots for the film industry)
– Projection mapping taken to a new level
– Illusion based magic

Pilolip – Phaeno

Another great vid by our friend Pilolip. Thanks for sharing your work! 🙂

Robot Juggling 2 balls in 1 hand

“Two Ball Juggling with High-speed Hand-Arm and High-speed Vision System,” by Takahiro Kizaki and Akio Namiki from the Graduate School of Engineering at Chiba University in Japan, file this one under “jugglers are obsolete”. More info.
Thanks to Mike Icon for the link.