The new OCCJD video “The Padded Room;” a 3 minute short which builds on the ”obsessive compulsive contact juggling” theme. Shot in Vancouver, the original story behind the video appeared HERE on the Ministry last March.

occjd“Vancouver police took action to halt the wave of confusion and terror associated with recent outbreak of OCCJD (“Obsessive Compulsive Contact Juggling Disorder”) that has been infecting this city. Several members of the “contact juggling” community, including Ryan (noted global contact juggling ringmaster and FMP affilliate) and Dawn (street-name: Daydream) were apprehended early sunday morning and are currently being held at the Riverview Correctional Facility on the ouskirts of the city.” READ MORE…

The pre-release of the High Quality 720×480 download has exceeded its bandwidth. You can now watch the video on youtube:
YouTube link.


Shadow Puppets

Here is a remarkably good (if not too short) video of shadow puppet animals.

Video – Fingerskilz Viral for HP Laptops


Fake Finger Football Fun.
OK, so it’s a viral Advert for Hewlett Packard.
Showing Computer generated manipulation skills:
This is an advert, but I like it, so I’m posting it anyway.

Ryan – Tonks Big Ride

Ryan Mellors in 2009 says:

I still think this is the best web-video i’ve made so far.

The story of a lonely creature who finds a magical crystal ball.